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Clear Sky Wellness

Ruairi O'Duil

Newport Specialised Therapies
423 Melbourne Rd
Newport VIC 3015

Servicing area: Newport, Western Suburbs and Melbourne CBD

Clear Sky Wellness

I am an expert in helping unwind the effects of stress, working with your body to relieve pain and anxiety, helping you live the life you want. I help you to break the Stress Cycle.

Clear Sky Wellness


Stress is similar to a ratchet. Picture in my mind a clockwork mechanism, a wind-up spring. At the start, it is in a calm and relaxed state. Then, as we wind the key, we add stress to the spring. Initially, we can add lots of stress, big turns of the key, because there is lots of capacity in the spring. However, as the tension builds in the spring, it doesn’t take a lot to wind it tighter and tighter. The more stress that is piled into the spring the harder that it is for the spring to take on any more. Until, one last tiny little turn of the key, a child being naughty, a missed deadline, or even someone sneaking in front of you in traffic and then sprooinnngg.

A physical or verbal lashing out or perhaps even worse. A slipped disk. A heart attack. A mental or physical breakdown. My job is to release the spring. Before it flies off. Physically, I utilise reflexology to switch off the Sympathetic Nervous System, the Stress Response, and activate the Parasympathetic Nervous system, the Relaxation Response. I remind you what it feels like to be relaxed and teach it the pathways to make it easier to discover the feeling once again.

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Clear Sky Wellness and ReflexologyRuairi O'Duil. Reflexologist. Listener. Supporter. DadHelping men in their 40's and 50's manage midlife without the clichés of lycra, love affairs or low-slung sports cars.Breastmilk Boost. Helping you prepare your body to assist conceptionHelping relieve pain and discomfort in pregnancySomething has to change.Regain control, connection and confidenceReflexologyProfessional Member of the Reflexology Association of Australia