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Rowan Bradley

Connection Counselling Australia

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Get a genuine understanding of yourself and relationships.

Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling & Family Constellations

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Marcoola & Noosa Heads QLD

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Optimal health Mantra Love Physical pain Stress Management Self-confidence

Counselling Shifts Misery to Happiness 

Connection Counselling Australia helps people in Marcoola QLD recognise their self-worth, value their relationships and establish strong ties with their family.

Individual Counselling

Are you experiencing grief, trauma, abuse, or bogged down by negative beliefs? Rowan can free you from the loop of negativity through psychotherapy which incorporates intuitive energy work designed to realign your mind, body and spirit.

She provides you with a safe environment where you can be heard, understood and guided from feelings of detachment to wholeness within.

Benefits of Individual Counselling
  • Identifies traumatic experiences and their effects
  • Gives you the courage to deal with your current situation
  • Determines the culprits of stress, anxiety and self-limiting beliefs
  • Guides you in modifying your situation
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Helps you achieve mental clarity and see your life from a new perspective
  • Empowers you to understand, accept and improve your situation for the better 
  • Enhances your neural pathways through mindfulness and creativity

Overcoming challenges or transitioning to a new stage of life is naturally difficult. However, gaining the insight, support and ability to identify harmful thought patterns enables you to achieve peace of mind and the courage to change your life for the better.  

Couples Counselling

This type of counselling service is designed for couples who want to establish a deeper connection or are on the brink of separation or divorce.

Rowan combines elements of psychotherapy, gestalt therapy and relational therapy with intuitive energy work and tantra to ensure to address the specific goals of her clients.

During her sessions, she guides couples in identifying their issues. This allows them to move past their conflicts, see their relationship from a fresh angle, and ultimately develop a healthy dialogical pattern that supports each of them.

Benefits of Couples Counselling
  • Deepens your love and connection for each other
  • Teaches you to appreciate your partner more
  • Helps you empathise with your partner
  • Teaches you how to communicate in a loving and empathic way
  • Guides you in mutually and amicably ending your relationship
  • Helps you understand the challenges of separation and divorce

Family Constellations

This therapy method helps you determine the core reasons that hinder positive feelings like love from flowing freely in your family of origin and present family or relationship.

Family Constellations take an individual’s behaviour, emotions and behaviour as a part of a greater whole. It is grounded in the concept that members of a specific family system live with a similar pattern of beliefs. This pattern reveals the issues or problems that underlie the common thoughts and feelings that they exhibit.

During a session, Rowan introduces new behaviour patterns and healing sentences for each family member to say to each other. This type of therapy may be done in a group or individually. An individual session comes with cushions and other symbolic items to represent the position of each family member.

Benefits of Family Constellations
  • Helps you understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours based on your family of origin
  • Allows you to relive the experiences and memories of your ancestors
  • Frees your family from emotional entanglements
  • Allows love and harmony to flourish in your family
  • Shifts anger, depression, anxiety and other ill feelings to positive emotions
  • Empowers you to live a happy life

Book an appointment and learn the necessary skills to modify your unhealthy thought and behaviour patterns.

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