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Connect Health Movement provides Osteopathy for Individuals, Pregnancy, Babies, and Children. 

Connect Health + Movement - Pregnancy, Babies & Children

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Flemington & Kensington, Melbourne

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Connect Health + Movement’s therapists have a special focus on osteopathy for pregnancy. We will treat you throughout your pregnancy journey to enable flexibility in the right areas and stability in others so that you’re able to adapt to your growing baby.

We also offer a unique and integrated program of osteopathy, clinical pilates, and pregnancy massage, so that you’re able to enjoy this exciting time and feel empowered to continue your everyday activities as you wait to welcome your new family member into the world.

We also offer post-natal care, to help you avoid postural stress and any new injuries, which are common at this time.


Whether your child experiences an unassisted vaginal birth, the use of forceps, vacuum or a c-section, it is a stressful experience leaving the uterus and entering the outside world.

The birthing can sometimes have an adverse effect on the baby’s skull and the mobility of their neck. This can result in feeding difficulties and plagiocephaly (misshapen head).

At Connect Health + Movement, we will assess your baby and if necessary, provide gentle hands-on Osteopathic treatment.


Your child may experience injuries or pain from falls and accidents as they grow and explore the world around them, this can put stress on the growing skeletal system, joints, ligaments, and muscles. Connect Health + Movement is able to treat your child so that they’re able to recover from their adventures quickly and easily.

For more information about Osteopathy for your family, call or visit the Connect Health + Movement website.


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