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A wide range of therapies to stimulate the body's healing powers or 'vital force'. 

Coolum Naturopathic - Flower Essences & Herbal Medicine

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Flower Essences

Flower Essence is a specifically customised and prepared essence from a particular flower. All life form has a certain vibration – animals, humans, stones, plants and food all vibrate at different frequencies. The theory is that each different flower has its own specific vibration that holds balancing and healing properties.

At the point when we are stressed or have experienced some form of trauma, it can distort our natural frequency and we can feel unbalanced. When carefully chosen for a person, a specific flower essence can bring about harmony and balance and thus restore their unique vibration back to its original frequency.

Herbal Medicine

Plants have been utilised as a form of healing for many thousands of years since our earliest beginnings and almost every culture has attempted to harness their healing energies, Today there is still a large percentage of prescription medication that contains the isolated ingredients from the plants.

Liquid herbs have a variety of different benefits. A herbal remedy can very easily be developed utilising a number of different herbs that will address an individual’s health needs. As they are in a liquid form, these remedies are easily absorbed and doses can be changed as per the individual’s specific needs.

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