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Jonine Lee Gabay

Jonine Lee Gabay

789 Pacific Hwy

Servicing area: Sydney, Gordon, Avalon, North Shore, Bondi, NSW

Jonine Lee Gabay
Transformational processes for positive life change usually in two to three sessions Mindfulness based Breathwork Therapy, Family Constellations, Somatic Coaching, NLP, Inner child -

Individual consultations offer an integration of Breathwork, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Family Constellations, Life Coaching, NLP, Inner-child and Voice Dialogue, her unique blend of modalities supports positive and lasting life change for her clients. .

Breathwork and Family Constellations

Breathwork & Constellations Workshops
Developing mindful PRESENCE
Inspiration for your own personal journey or new skills for practitioners!

Breathwork and Family Constellations are experiential, somatically focused approaches to transformation that connect us beyond mind/body to a wider field of knowledge and support. Experiencing soul and unity consciousness we realize on a deeper level that we are part of a dynamic interconnected whole. Learn to support yourself and others using these powerful processes.

Mindfulness based Breathwork Therapytm is a research based approach to psychotherapy and personal development, "When you are reflecting on the breath you are inviting your nervous system to become integrated and an integrated system has the qualities of flexible, adaptive, coherent, energized and stable" Dan Siegel, The Mindful Brain. Integration of experience, past and present, is regarded as fundamental for healthy human development and the achievement and maintenance of wellbeing. Essential skills for integration, the process of change and our capacity for truley authentic PRESENCE is the ability to explore and accept internal feeling states, for this Breathwork is simply amazing!
Family Constellations - thro Constellations we understand that the human psyche is a multi-generational phenomena, "As long as our ancestors are still suffering within us, we cannot be truly happy. If we make a step with awareness ..we do this for all the past and future generations.." Thich NhatHahn.
Acknowledging our ancestral roots and soul family creates the potential for undertanding and healing our soul wounds and otherwise mysterious obstacles to health, better relationships and happiness. It is a way of understanding individual experiences as being part of a larger whole.

2 day w/end workshops $365, 6 day Intensive $1205
Location: Perth I Sydney I Canberra
3rd Australasian Family/Systemic & Organizational Constellation Intensive, Feb 1-7, 2016
Is already 70% booked! 9 International trainers, the best in their fields coming to share their wisdom and experience with us. There will also be many many experienced Australian and New Zealand presenters. If you have any interest either for personal or professional development please go to
Save $200 - Early bird ends September 30th
TANGO CONSTELLATIONS - Exploring Relationships thro Constellations and steps of the Tango! Sydney February 20/21

Presented by Michael Knorr, a Systemic Family Therapist/Constellation Facilitator, and his wife Tanya Vieten.Together they have shared their passion for Family Constellations and the Tango around the world and return again to Sydney by popular demand. They will also be presenting again at the Constellation Intensive.
The workshop incorporates Family Constellations and the Orders of Love with the tango used simply as a metaphor to explore the relationship between the masculine and the feminine within ourselves and how we embrace our opposite – or block them! You will discover the possibility of deeper levels of connection and intimacy. Absolutely no dance experience is necessary, but you might learn a step or two!
**Scholarships available for Graphic Artist, web design, networking/marketing skills, in exchange for any of these programs


One of Australia's most experienced Breathwork Pract/Trainers offering the only evidence based Breathwork Training - Mindfulness Based Breathwork Therapy(MBBT),
Individual consultations offer an integration of Breathwork, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Family Constellations, Life Coaching, NLP, Inner-child and Voice Dialogue, her unique blend of modalities supports positive and lasting life change for her clients.

Organizing committee of the Australasian Constellation Intensive in 2011, 2013 and soon 2016, practiticing and training in Family Constellations for the past 18 years.

Specialising in relationship counselling, career challenges/transitions, infertility and self worth/ identity issues, trauma and abuse.

Jonine also collaborates with GPs and Naturopaths to support clients whose physical health is not responsive to treatment.

Jonine's Vision

To expand awareness of the links between unresolved trauma, loss and grief and personal - and as a result, global - health and well-being. Jonine is a passionate advocate of Mahatma Gandhi's words:

“Peace in the world begins with peace in
the heart and soul of the individual”.

When Jonine isn't working, she enjoys sailing, dance with her partner and watching her children grow and flourish.


Here's some feedback I've received from my clients:

My life has changed dramatically since that weekend, I remember clearly thinking; ‘there is so much to learn from this woman’. During the past 20 years, I have studied and tried many techniques and a variety of counseling and health modalities, but Core Connection Breathwork is definitely the modality that has assisted most in me gaining a much clearer understanding of myself, my life and my soul’s purpose.

Jonines style of teaching is her level of deep knowledge and wisdom as well as the way she holds the group energy together allowing and supporting each individual to go as deep as the person wants to go, in a safe and very effective way. She offers a completely different kind of support to anything I have seen, embracing ones own sense of responsibility, always giving me the support to step up to making the most out of life for myself. If you want more out of life I highly recommend any of her courses and sessions, it is so worth it!

Lotte Schultz is a Core Connection Breathwork Practitioner available on the Central Coast.
Contact Mob 042298955 or Email

I have been working with Jonine for over two years, initially in individual counselling and breathwork sessions, moving on to doing all three of her workshops, Core Connection to Self, Creating Love and Family Constellations and eventually training to be a practitioner with her too. It was hard work to begin with but I loved Jonine’s no-nonsense approach to self-responsibility and with her loving support solidly behind me I made some amazing progress, making changes in my life that I would never have dreamed possible.

Never having done any group work before, it was quite a challenge to participate in workshops but in every one I have been a part of there has been an environment of safety created by Jonine that made me feel I was not alone, and that it was okay for me to put myself ‘out there’ and as a result the learnings were just incredible!

In the Innerchild work I learned that it was okay to like and even love myself and how to take care of the wounded little girl hidden deep inside of me, in Creating Love I learned about soulful love and how to make that work in relationships, with my husband and children and mother, and in Family Constellations I learned about the dynamics in my family of origin and saw more clearly how it was affecting my life now …Through them all I have also learnt so much about parenting our teenagers, about expectations and boundaries in family life. The weekends are full on but with plenty of time for sharing and connecting with others … they really set me on my way, giving me much-needed tools for life and also a network of like-minded people for support.

The Breathwork Practitioner Training has been amazing to say the least, deepening my connection to self and also increasing my passion for Breathwork because of the results I have seen it bring, not only for myself but in others too. Jonine is a wonderful mentor and teacher, naturally and soulfully able to pass on her wealth of knowledge and experience, not withholding anything that she perceives to be beneficial for another. Jonine is the most ‘present’ person I have ever known and that reflects in her ability to connect and be totally present … one-on-one, in a workshop setting and as a teacher and friend.

Contact Caroline for Core Connection Breathwork in Auckland
E /

The Core Connection training I did with Jonine Lee gave me so much on so many levels. I was stuck in a career that I hated and that did not suit who I was, living somewhere I didn’t love and in a relationship that made me unhappy. It was honestly life changing for me.

Working out what I really wanted in my work with Jonine, I now have 2 businesses that I absolutely love, and that totally suit who I am. I know what I want/need and am able to honour myself enough to ask for it. I am living in a home that I visioned in the training and have a space open for the right relationship to come in. The time with Jonine really taught me that I am ok, and I deserve to go for what I really want now.

I cannot recommend Jonine’s work highly enough. The training comes from a place of great love and nurturing, a depth of knowledge that is amazing, and Jonine has a gift of insight and understanding that creates safety and permission for all involved. It will change your life too. Lisa-Jane

LJ Williams LIfe Coach 0411052435

I first met Jonine in 2000 as my personal life was in disarray. I'd been in an unsatisfactory and destructive relationship for 3 years, most of which I spent partying and using recreational drugs to ignore the fact that things weren't right. You know - if a friend asked me advice on an identical situation I'd tell them they deserved to be with someone who loved them and treated them with respect and to 'get out now', but I couldn't quite see that about myself and ignored the thoughts that told me I deserved better.

Through one on one sessions with Jonine and the amazing experience at an Inner Child Workshop I was able to first recognise, and later gain the strength to address my fears about 'not deserving any better' and recognise the negative feelings about myself that were being reinforced in my relationship. 8 years on, Jonine is still an amazing inspiration and counsel who supports me to be the best I can be.

I have since attended another Inner Child Workshop and continue to learn more about myself and am so much better at 'not settling' for things, both in my personal life and at work. I am so much more content with myself and whilst not perfect, I am able to draw on the knowledge I have gained to give me the strength to strive for what I want without being afraid.

And what's next for me? I can't wait to experience the Family Constellations for myself after participating in a Constellation at the last Core Connection to Self Inner Child Workshop).

Marie K

If you'd like to find out more about how Core Connection Trainings can help you, or your family cope in challenging times, call Jonine or click on one of the buttons below.

Qualification Details

Counsellor, Mindfulness-based Breathwork Pract/ Trainer (an evidence based intervention for Anxiety and Depression), Family Constellations Facillitator, NLP and Time Line Therapy, Life Coach.
President of the Australian Breathwork Association 2008/2013


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