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If you're struggling with the challenges of parenting; want to create conscious relationships; or would like to learn Breathwork techniques and meditation, contact Core Connection Trainings to discuss their upcoming workshops.

Core Connection Trainings - Workshops

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Sydney, Gordon, Avalon, North Shore, Bondi, NSW

Focus areas

Well-being Stress management Nervous system Physical health Love Loneliness

Core Connection To Self

From child to empowered adult.

This workshop is focused on initiating a commitment to yourself that motivates you to take positive action in your life.

The first step on the path of fulfilling relationships and positive parenting is self-awareness.

This course takes us to the source of our core belief systems - to our parents and family system. This is where we learned how to give and receive love and how to form relationships - it's the programming that runs our lives now. This workshop is about becoming more conscious and accepting of all that our parents gave us, identifying we didn’t receive from them and learning how to take care of that for ourselves in a healthy way. By finding the root cause of any unresolved wounding or pain in our childhoods, we learn to understand and take responsibility for our anger, ill-health or anxiety and depression. By identifying these issues, we are walking the path to greater self-esteem and self-confidence.

Some of the things you may be experiencing that will indicate whether this work is for you:
  • Challenging or destructive relationships
  • A state of constant worry, fear, or inner chaos
  • Feelings of loneliness or emptiness
  • Having trouble saying “NO”
  • Overly critical and negative self talk
  • Anxiety, panic attacks and depression
  • A lack of direction and purpose
  • Health, sexual or fertility problems
  • Feeling overly responsible for others
  • Your life is ok; you'd just like it to be better!
The workshop will offer you the following:
  • A sense of direction and purpose
  • A loss of interest in conflict
  • Openness to new ways of communicating and relating
  • A range of parenting strategies that work!
  • The knowledge to be able to change negative beliefs and self-talk
  • How to live in the moment and not be driven by programming
This weekend incorporates the fundamentals of Family Constellations, inspired by Bert Hellinger's work in Orders of Love, Core Connection Breathwork, sandplay sculpture and meditation. A key component of this workshop's success is relaxed sharing with other participants; everyone has something to contribute.

Create Conscious Relationships

Self, partner, friends, career and life purpose

This workshop is focused on taking our understanding of self love to a deeper level and being clear about the differences between soulful and mystified love. You will learn how to identify how and when you are triggered by childhood wounds and the steps you need to take to manage this in a positive way.

You will learn how to create healthy, soulful intimate relationships, friendships, and identify the passion in your career. Only when you make a connection with the part of yourself that truly knows what you want and are able to effectively communicate this, will change happen.

You will learn how to:
  • Recognise the stages of intimate relationships and whether they're healthy.
  • How to manage and negotiate conflict and create agreements to create ongoing harmony.
This course is able to be done alone or as a follow-up to the Core Connection to Self weekend. It will explore with more depth the defensive layers and strategies we have developed to protect ourselves.

Techniques from both Breathwork and Family Constellations are utilised to enable the most efficacious processing and integration of the information provided. The dynamic of a small, relaxed group means it's up to you to participate at whatever level you choose.

This course will enable you to improve your current relationship or gain clarity on what you desire in your next one!

Meditation & Breathing Techniques

Mindfulness Meditation and Breath awareness

Meditation and Breathwork are both useful tools to manage stress and anxiety. Stressful events cause our bodies to undergo a series of involuntary hormonal and biochemical changes. This automatic response, also known as 'fight or flight' speeds up our heart rate and our breathing becomes shallow, our muscles tense and our digestive and immune systems slow down. While this response is of assistance in emergencies, when it’s activated on a regular basis, it causes strain on mind and body.

It's not possible to avoid all stress, but learning how to evoke a relaxation response will bring your system back into balance, reduce stress hormones, slow down your organs and increase blood flow to the brain.

You will be taught simple exercises to enhance the efficiency of your breathing.
You will learn how to understand the difference between nose and mouth breathing, chest and abdominal breathing and reap the benefits of this knowledge instantly.

The benefits of Meditation as a method of stress and pain reduction have been well-researched and documented. It has been shown to lower the biochemical by-products of stress, decrease heart rate and blood pressure and induce favourable brain waves. It is also also to offer support for the immune system during times of chronic illness.

Jonine will teach you a few simple techniques that can be used everyday, at the office, at home, on the train - anywhere you can sit or stop for 10 - 20 minutes.

Benefits of a regular meditation include:
  • Relaxation, inner calm, peace of mind
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Concentration, greater control over your own mind and its activities
  • Relief from confusion, indecision, overwhelm
  • Generation over time of a deep sense of joy and happiness
  • Developing a conscious awareness of your thoughts and behaviours
  • Learn techniques you can use in the office, at home, on the train or just walking!
All you need are 3 x 40 minute sessions to get you started.

If you'd like to learn more about workshops with Jonine at Core Connection Trainings, call or click on one of the buttons below.