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Craniosacral Therapy Brighton

Megan Arnel

19 Blanche St
Brighton East VIC 3187

Servicing area: Brighton East

Craniosacral Therapy Brighton
I am passionate about health and have 25 years experience in bodywork and healing including Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, Rolfing and Massage.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Brighton

I am offering Craniosacral therapy, Rolfing or I could combine them to achieve the best possible outcome for your individual needs.


Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy

Byodynamic  Craniosacral Therapy  (BCST) is a gentle and holistic approach to body work. 

BCST is an advanced therapy that combines western understanding of the body with mindfulness and an appreciation that the body knows how to heal itself given the right touch and space. Health is always present and Craniosacral therapy can help you to reconnect with your health. As your Body awareness amplifies you will notice what is being held or restricted in your body or areas of health and vitality. With this awareness change is possible.

The human body holds an innate intelligence that has the potential to heal your body and is always with you. A BCST therapist will gently hold on various places in your body such as you feet, sacrum or cranium and feel and listen through the hands to the body's nervous system, soft tissues, bones, fluids etc to gently allow resolution of stress and pain to resolve. 

BCST will help to resource your body as it follows the natural priorities of healing as directed by your body and physiology. 

BCST is effective in Resolving past held trauma. Experiences that have been too overwhelming to cope with can remain in your system ,if unresolved at the time. This can lead to anxiety , depression or areas of dissociation within your body .BCST can help you to reconnect with your body in a gentle and affective way without the need of revisiting the trauma verbally.

Although gentle in touch it can have profound benefits for your entire body and treat a multitude of conditions. BCST is so gentle in gentle nature that it is great for babies, children and adults.

Health is never lost and with skilful touch your body can be guided back to health.

I undertook a 2 year Craniosacral Therapy training ( recognised worldwide.) I am an assistant tutor for bodyintelligence training 2 year Diploma. I have taught in Malaysia and I am currently assistant teacher in Brunswick Melbourne.

BCST is highly beneficial for:

    • Panic attacks and anxiety

    • Resolve birth issues - trauma

    • Pregnancy and post birth support ,

    • Help resolve past trauma held in the body

    • Physical pain - injuries

    • stress, depression 

    • Insomnia

    • Hormone imbalances

    • improve your immune system

Simplicity..... the biodynamic approach to craniosacral therapy 
The evolution of the biodynamic approach to Craniosacral therapy is primarily In  embodied listening. The beauty of this therapy is in its simplicity and in how well the practitioner can be embodied and neutral in their listening.
Neutral means non judgment and non action. 
The best outcome for the client is to be with the power of their own health that is always availiable within  them. For the practitioner it means being in relationship  with the whole body , providing a calm and embodied  presence , holding a spacious light touch and inviting stillness and health. The practitioner is also in relationship with biology and movement of the tissues.
I believe  the body has enormous potential to heal itself when feeling safe, heard and given light spacious and  non judgemental  touch .
Many of us are in a state of hyperarousal or stress in everyday life. This could  make it more difficult to be still, calm and embodied. Losing contact with our felt sense and body sensations may mean that  we close off to our own  body sensations . These senasations are happening within us at all times and help us to regulate and to feel embodied , healthy and whole.
The human body runs best when it is fully present and embodied. It is then that we are able to reconnect to our own unique body and the underlying health within it.
Biodynamic craniosacral  therapy can help you to do this in a safe, calm and resourced way. 


Rolfing is a soft tissue bodywork which aims to balance your posture and help you feel freer in your body. The primary goal of Rolfing is to realease lifelong structural patterns.It is highly effective in correcting your posture which will decrease pain and increase energy and restore health to tightened tissues. A Rolfer will  work on the connective tissue to free up areas that have become shortened or restricted due to past injuries, ageing, poor posture, gravity and much more. Our fascia ( connective tissue which surrounds every muscle, joint and organ) can become restricted and shortened over time, which effects fluid balance and our overall ability to move freely. The fascia therefore may not be able to glide as freely and smoothly as it should. Rolfing can help to free up the fascia and bring back health. During the course of our lives our bodies can experience stresses and strains ,injuries and trauma. If these stresses are not resolved at the time it can become locked in the body and Rolfing will help to unblock and to free your body.

My style of Rolfing is very gentle and is not painful. The most affective way to create long term health is for you to feel comfortable, safe and embodied. 

I have found the combination of Craniosacral therapy and Rolfing to be very beneficial to address many issues. The one hour Rolfing is very gentle and will help your tissues to relax and for you to feel calm and more embodied. Then the Craniosacral therapy 30 minutes will help to calm your nervous system, help you feel more embodied and safe and connected in your body .

When the body gets working appropriately the force of gravity can flow through then spontaneously the body heals itself Dr Ida Rolf founder of Rolfing

I trained at The Rolf  institute in America and have over 20 years experience as a Rolfer.

Rolfing is highly beneficial for:

    • Posture alignment

    • Decrease physical  pain 

    • Increase energy

    • Increase flexibility

      Back pain, headaches Resolve past Injuries and restrictions.

    • The effects of ageing on the body

    • Emotional release and relaxation

    • Improve Overall health and wellbeing>


Rolfing price list
$110 ( 60 min  session)
Children 3-16 $80 (60 minute session)
Combination Rolfing and Craniosacral therapy $130 ( 90 minute)

Craniosacral price list
$90 ( 1 hour session)
Babies and children $70 ( 1 hour)
Combination Rolfing and Craniosacral $130 (90 minutes)

Health rebates apply with all health funds

Qualification Details

Bachelor of Education (visual arts) Melbourne University 1992
Diploma of Remedial Massage -Australian school of Massage ( 2 years) 1995
Diploma of Rolfing -Rolf Institute USA ( 2 years) 1999
Diploma of Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy - Body Intelligence training (2 years) 2012
Assisted 2 year training in Craniosacral therapy in Kuala Lumpur 2015-2016

Currently assistant tutor On a 2 year Diploma on biodynamic Craniosacral therapy held in Brunswick Melbourne
Member AAMT accredited Remedial Massage therapist
Member PACT professional association for craniosacral therapy practitioners.

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