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Daode Qigong

Luis De Florio

Mona Vale NSW 2103

Servicing area: Face to Face Classes: Northern Beaches including Avalon, Mona Vale, St Ives, Turramurra

Daode Qigong

Luis is a private disciple of the Yuxianpai (Meeting of the Immortals) Daoist School and has been studying Daoism and Daoist practices for over 10 years.

Qigong, Daogong, Tai Chi & Neidan Instructor

About Luis De Florio

Luis enjoys nothing more than sharing the many life-changing benefits of practice with anyone keen to learn. His current studies include Qigong (Daogong system), Tai chi (Wu Hao style) and Neidan (Internal Alchemy). Luis has also studied and taught Yang Style Tai chi and learned the Longsword and Broadsword forms as well as studied Internal Alchemy from the Dragon Gate (Longmenpai) Daoist School.

Luis would like to invite you to join his Qigong classes and find out the benefits for yourself through carefully guided practice and learning. What Luis enjoys most about teaching is learning about new people, helping them get the results they seek and need, and seeing the many positive changes that people obtain as a result of practice.

Online Classes: All of Sydney and Australia

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