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Luis De Florio

Mona Vale NSW 2103

Servicing area: Face to Face Classes: Northern Beaches including Avalon, Mona Vale, St Ives, Turramurra

Focus area: Telehealth

Modern Life has some unique challenges and for this reason Daode Qigong has specific methods to help the modern human live a healthier, happier and more balanced Life. When living in fast paced cities it is truly a virtue to be able to slow down, have a clear mind, to breathe well, feel well and to move well and to extend this state of wellbeing to the activities that you do and people around you.

Daogong: Yin-yang, Traditional Chinese Medical Knowledge of the Meridians & Qi

Modern Dilemma: How to Return to Naturality and Well-being

You have the opportunity to take your Health and Well-being into your own hands. This opportunity is YOUR Life – THIS Life! How to do this?

We do this by going back to the fundamental basics of life by learning how to relax the body and calm the mind. To perform our daily activities well and achieve our goals we need our mind and body to work well and communicate well with each other. A clear mind allows one to make good decisions and a relaxed body that is free of tension, pain and injury allows one to move with less effort and more energy through each day and reduce unnecessary friction and wear and tear.

To summarise; When the mind and body are in a good state and communicate well with each other, the result is a life backed by clear direction from the mind supported by a strong and healthy body. This is a form of synchronicity; Internal Synchronicity, which also leads to synchronicity in the external world. This is why Qigong practice is Life-Changing! This is what is referred to as 'Harmonic' Living. With our mental and physical faculties nurtured and tuned into more optional states we can then live well, enjoy good health and enjoy life: A balanced life that is marked by the simple joy of moving one’s body and directed by a sound mind.

Modern Life unfortunately has many obstacles and challenges that negatively impact the beautifully constructed organism that is the human being. The major effect that manipulating the environment that we live in through technology is that of breaking the natural cycles that the body is attuned to. Qigong directly corrects the imbalances and resultant impacts on health and wellbeing.

With Good Qigong practice one can return to Naturality by supporting the body and help it do what it already does well. Your body is an incredible product of nature and when nurtured correctly, the countless life-sustaining processes occurring every moment of the day can be supported and optimised such that the fruits of their silent labours combine, well up and overflow to the surface as glowing, radiant skin and a calm and satisfied demeanour.

It is very simple to do! Qigong involves learning easy movements which activate different body parts and body systems. With Good Qigong practice the movements must be directed using the right approach using one’s mind and intent. This is of key importance because Qigong is not so much about mimicking movements, it more about HOW the moments are done and learning this is of key importance. The result is a truly amazing exercise which encompasses and harmonises all aspects of the human being!

About Daode Qigong: A Unique Opportunity

The Qigong system that Daode Qigong teaches is called Daogong. It is specifically designed to give the modern human the tools to self-regulate, harmonise and maintain a healthy body and mind. Increased energy levels are both a good sign of progress with Qigong practice as well as an inherent result. Dadode Qigong Instructors are here to guide you and help you get the best possible results by working with you by focusing on your individual needs in every class.

Our Qigong system is unique for many reasons because it implements Practical and Life-changing Daoist Wisdom such as Yin-yang, Traditional Chinese Medical Knowledge of the Meridians and Qi (vital Energy) that sustains human life (and all living things). Overall, it is about the big and the smaller picture: How one fits into the scheme of things and how one relates to their own body and how the body relates the environment it lives in.

How you regulate your internal environment and the environment that you expose yourself to are key factors in maintaining health.

Our Qigong Classes are led by Instructors who are engaged in their own journey of growth through their personal practice, have undergone extensive training and also participate in weekly classes with their own Master.

As part of becoming a student of Daode Qigong you not only benefit from being guided by our Instructors but you also become part of an Authentic Daoist School with deep roots which forms the foundational support of all of its instructors and students.

We offer 4 Main Services:

  • Live online Qigong Classes via Skype (Daogong)
  • Live online Tai chi Classes via Skype
  • Face to face Tai chi Classes
  • Live online Lectures on Daoism, Qigong, Tai chi and Chinese Medicine via Skype

Online Classes: All of Sydney and Australia

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Qualification details

Certificate 3 & 4 in Information Technology
Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, Master Trainer Qualification
Bachelor in Exercise Science at ACU Sydney
Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at UTS Sydney
Diploma in Leadership and Management
Tai Chi (Taiji) and Qigong Instructor - Australian Taoist Kung Fu Association
Qigong Instructor - Dao De Centre

Over 14 years working as a personal trainer in the fitness industry
Over 10 years of Karate practice (during childhood)
Over 10 years of Qigong, Tai chi & Internal Alchemy practice

Tai Chi Experience
Yang style 24, 85, Broadsword & Long Sword forms
Wu Hao Style tai chi 85 form

Qigong Experience
Yang Style Tai Chi Qigong
Internal Alchemy Studies
Longmenpai (Dragon Gate School)
Yuxianpai (Meeting of the Immortals School)
Wuliupai (Wu & Liu School)

Other Studies
Bagua form
Xingyi methods

Service categories

This practitioner provides online consults
Daode Qigong