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Dharma Yoga Health Centre was established in 1993 by Jean-Alain d'Argent. His vision for starting Dharma yoga was to create a positive, conscious, nurturing environment for spiritual growth, learning and healing.

Dharma Yoga Health Centre

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At Dharma yoga, our aim is to dispel any misunderstanding about yoga and to bring back clarity to one of the most profound teaching known to mankind to date. Understanding and practice of this vast science has the potential to enhance our lives as it brings clarity, purpose and unconditional love to this amazing journey that we call life.  

At Dharma, our specialized Yoga classes consist of specific Yoga techniques such as breathing exercises, stretching, Yoga postures, progressive relaxation, meditation and Yoga philosophy to achieve a complete Yoga experience. 

Dharma Yoga utilizes the teachings and inspiration of the Himalayan yoga tradition to assist each student to develop to their full potential naturally with guidance. 


Gentle - A therapeutic gentle Hatha yoga class incorporating slow repetitive  yoga movements, Yogic breathing exercises and relaxation to enhance general well-being.

Open - Our mainstream Hatha Yoga class. The guided Open class  consists of specific  flowing choreographed yoga movements, yoga breathing techniques, yoga philosophy, relaxation, meditation . Students at all levels  catered for.

Dynamic - A challenging yoga class that focuses on freeing the nervous system whilst improving strength and flexibility  to improve internal health and mental clarity.


Beginners Yoga - Learning the basics of Hatha yoga postures, breathing technique and relaxation.

Children Creative dance - Children are naturally curious and creative. The art and beauty of creative dance is to inspire their young minds and bodies to explore their five senses in a fun imaginative and creative environment.


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation that is natural and safe. It is a state of mind between waking and sleeping where a person is conscious, aware of physical sensations and surroundings and yet much more receptive to therapeutic suggestions. Hypnosis is very effective as the conscious mind has greater support from the subconscious in a relaxed and altered state . During this supportive altered state unwanted habits, emotional dis-stresses an other negative thoughts patterns can be safely be explored and cleared.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Hypnotherapy is well researched and is known to assist in clearing and overcoming many emotional and mental disorders such as unwanted prolonged stress and tension, anxiety, smoking addiction, overeating, nail-biting, bed wetting, insomnia, phobias, tension headaches, self confidence, study and examination nerves, as well as many other mental related issues. Hypnotherapy can compliment other healing modalities as well as greatly enhance sport and other natural abilities. It's potential is limitless.

Thai Yoga massage 

Over the centuries different cultures have experimented with healing modalities. In India  the great mystics discovered via experimentation that the human body consisted of subtle currents that flowed thru specific pathways. 

How Can Thai Yoga Massage Help?

Thai yoga massage is known for its many therapeutic benefits and is excellent for maintenance of physical health, bringing relief to ailments such as sciatica, headaches, back pain and many other physical imbalances. Being an energy treatment, the emotions and mind are also effected by a massage. Muscle tension, mental fatigue and many other stresses that have been trapped in the body are brought to the surface where it is naturally released.

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