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Positive Relating

Diane Viola

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Positive Relating’s Diane Viola offers Counselling for Individuals, Couples, Families + Young People

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Positive Relating - Counselling + Coaching

Are you currently experiencing trauma, grief or loss? 

Desiring to be in, improve, or rescue an existing love relationship?

About to be married or experiencing a time of transition?

Experiencing conflict with a family member or an important person in your home, school, or professional life?

Currently going through or recovering from a separation or divorce?

Feeling the challenges of being a parent, step-parent, or co-parent?

How I can help

I will share with you the tools needed to move beyond ‘knowing’ what you need or want, to taking action with love and awareness toward yourself and others. 

I will work with you, one step at a time to make authentic choices that honour who you are and where you’re at in terms of fulfilling your desires.

You will learn new ways to communicate, relate and resolve conflict and when/how to apply them in everyday life.

Working with me towards your goals will lead to your feeling more resourceful and at peace with your emotions. I can help you to limit the harm to yourself and family by experiencing a dignified divorce. I will work with you to help you release the past, so that you’re able to move forward with confidence and purpose.

My approach is holistic and I collaborate with you as you progress towards your desired outcomes. I’m happy to liaise with other professionals as required, to ensure you receive the best possible healthcare solutions.

I draw on a range of modalities including:

For more information or to book a session with me, call Diane Viola or visit the Positive Relating website.


Qualification details

Australian Counselling Association Inc.

International Systemic Constellations Association

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About Diane Viola - Positive Relating

If you’re involved in challenging personal or business relationships or would like to be able to gain clarity and improve your life overall, Diane Viola offers assistance facilitating positive relationships as a Relationship and Family Counsellor, Divorce Coach, and Systemic Family & Business Constellations Facilitator.   Click button above to book and receive a complementary 20 minute phone consultation

Positive Relating - Separation + Divorce Coaching

Diane Viola of Positive Relating offers Separation and Divorce Coaching to couples who seek a dignified divorce that honours their time together. Click button above to book and receive a complementary 20 minute phone consultation

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Are you ready to make sustainable change and regain control of your life? Diane Viola from Positive Relating offers Family Constellations Workshops in both Sydney and on the Gold Coast. And to complement this, Diane has created a NEW Workshop for Couples 'Love's Way Home'. Click button above to book and receive a complementary 20 minute phone consultation

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