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Dianne Levick ND

Dianne Levick ND

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Dianne can help you with specialised detox and weight loss programmes to suit your body and health conditions.

Dianne Levick ND - Nutrition for Weight Loss, Anxiety, Addictions and Cancer Support

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Caringbah, New South Wales

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Energy blocks Bloating Diarrhoea Hypnotherapist Love Food sensitivities

Detox and Weight Loss Programmes

You cannot have optimal health with chronic constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, flatulence, gut pain, reflux and/or food intolerances. These are all signs that you are digesting poorly.

Detoxification is not juice fasting, lemon and sugar diets or even going vegetarian. It is a sound diet and lifestyle to help remove bad bacteria and waste from your digestive system, renew and rebuild your digestive cells, replace bad bacteria with healthy ones, improve digestive function and release toxins more effectively by supporting the bodys elimination processes. Its easy to follow and can have you feeling better in as little as 2-6 weeks.

Most of Diannes patients see a 50-80% improvement of their presenting health complaints in up to 6 weeks just by fixing their digestive function. This is irrespective of their complaint being fatigue, hormonal issues, emotional imbalance, weight loss and so on.

Ortomolecular Medicine


Dianne specialises in treating depression, anxiety, stress and addictions with orthomolecular medicine. This is when you provide the brain and body with the optimum concentrations of natural substances to restore stability of mood.

Orthomolecular medicine focuses on the individual nutritional needs of a person and uses both diet and nutrient supplements to restore and maintain the correct nutritional balance. "Ortho" means "correct." Orthomolecular medicine corrects or normalizes the molecular balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the body.

How Can It Help Me?

This nutritional approach helps maintain good health, improve health through proper diet, and cure and treat illness. Orthomolecular medicine has been used widely for both physiological and psychiatric conditions. Some commonly treated afflictions include colds, heart disease, cancer, depression and schizophrenia. It can provide dramatic recovery when nothing else has worked. 

Using its broadest definition, people who take a daily multi-vitamin pill to supplement their diets are practicing orthomolecular medicinethey are trying to "correct" the nutritional deficiencies in the food they eat. 

Proper orthomolecular therapy is an intense, directed and thorough approach to nutrient supplementation. It takes into account individual nutritional needs on the basis of age, sex, activity, stress and the presence of disease. In this respect, it aims to employ "custom-made" therapies which, unlike conventional pharmaceutical preparations, remedy the underlying causes of diseases to prevent further problems. In effect, orthomolecular medicine helps the body help itself out of an imbalanced or diseased state.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The orthomolecular physicians goal is to discover the cause of a disorder and to devise a suitable treatment program to remedy it. Most often, the first area of patient analysis will be the diet, and determining if there are important nutrients which are low or missing in the daily dietary intake. In addition, food allergies, sensitivities and exposure to chemicals may be considered. A number of laboratory tests, such as those for glucose tolerance, thyroid function, insulin levels, and analyses of the hair, blood and urine, are used to enable correct diagnosis.

The first treatment option is always reformulating the diet to eliminate junk foods, refined foods, sugar and caffeine, as well as those foods high in chemical additives. Any food which the patient knows makes him or her sick should also be eliminated. A diet of whole, raw, live and unrefined foods, balanced in proteins, fats and carbohydrates, is basic to orthomolecular treatment.
In some cases, a patients nutrient needs cannot be supplied in the diet alone and must be supplemented.

Cancer Support

A diagnosis of Cancer can be overwhelming and you may feel bewildered regarding the best decisions to make as to what alternative avenues are available and trustworthy. If you decide to aid your treatment with natural therapies, diet and lifestyle Dianne has a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the individual treatment support strategies for the type of cancer you are dealing with.

Dianne will focus on building your health and vitality to resist cancer, support you through medical treatments (pre-surgery, post-surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and symptom relief) then work on your overall wellness to reduce the likelihood of recurrence. Dianne has an intimate understanding of how each type of cancer functions differently and its importance to provide safe and effective treatment plans for her patients.

Diannes cancer support programme includes:-

  • A lifetime plan to keep your body in optimum health giving you a greater vitality, strength and a decreased chance of recurrence.

  • Symptomatic relief more energy, less nausea and less pain.

  • Nutritional support - assessing your diet and overall health and advising you on which foods reduce inflammation and pain, boost the immune system and how to use food as medicine.

  • Support through medical treatments:-
    • Safely make sure your conventional treatments have minimal effect on your overall health.
    • Use herbal therapy and nutrition to enhance your conventional treatments.

Cancer support is not a focus on curing cancer but a nutritional/biochemical approach focusing on an increase in quality of life, survival time and/or slowing the time of disease progression. The goal is to work with conventional treatments to fully mobilise the bodys resistance to cancer.

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