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Discover Chinese Medicine
Discover Chinese Medicine offers Cupping, a traditional method of releasing stagnant Qi or energy ideal for the treatment of muscular conditions, headaches, colds and flu

Discover Chinese Medicine - Cupping

Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine method used to release pathogenic "evil qi" via the skin, it improves circulation and boosts immunity by stimulating the skin. Cupping is a physical therapy, often used in concert with Acupuncture. Your practitioner creates a vacuum in a glass cup, which is then placed onto the skin. The vacuum gently draws the skin up and increases circulation to the local area. Cupping is most often performed on the back or the abdomen, but virtually any area of the body can be cupped.

Cupping is an efficacious and safe therapy when performed by an experienced practitioner. All of Discover Chinese Medicine’s practitioners are experienced in the use of cupping.

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