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Discover Chinese Medicine
Discover Chinese Medicine prescribes Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutrition to augment Acupuncture and TCM, giving you better results, faster

Discover Chinese Medicine - Nutrition

Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutrition goes beyond the basics of vitamins and minerals, prescribing food-based cures for health conditions, often as a supplement to Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. Following nutritional advice can lead to a more more active recovery. The recipes for self-healing will then become tools in your own first-aid kit against disease.

Differing from the typical approach to food as medicine, with a focus on vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients and calories, Chinese Medicine Nutrition goes beyond the basic foundation of a medicinal diet and further defines foods according to their effects upon the body: eg. warming, cooling, drying, moistening. Chinese Medicine’s approach to Nutrition acknowledges that a "one size fits all" approach is not an effective way to treat a condition.

Discover TCM’s approach to Chinese Medicine Food Therapy is to provide an understanding of how you can use the ancient remedies and adapt them so that they become your own tailor-made foundation of healthy eating.

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