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Donna Stanger
Hypnotherapy Works

Together, we'll come up with powerful new words and images that I'll reprogram into you, making you feel like a winner

Hypnotherapy Works - About

I am a Rapid Transformational Therapist™ (RTT) and was trained professionally and personally by RTT's founder Marisa Peer at her very first live Australian training seminar held in Sydney.
Since I was about eight years old I used the power of my mind to heal my body with affirmations. I recall my mum finding out about Louise Hay and her book 'Cure Your Body' and making me recite her affirmations every day to cure my sore throat and calm my apparent rage.
I have decades of experience combined with understanding that the way we think and feel about ourselves always comes down to all that has and will happen in our lives. It gives me the skills and abilities to help you resolve the obstacles, regardless of what you happen to be.


  • Body Conditioning - weightloss, muscle gain, body toning - get rid of cellulite
  • Fertility - Conception including IVF success, deliver a healthy baby, have an easy natural birth
  • Business Success - overcome procrastination, remove money blocks, stop holding yourself back

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Rapid Transformational Therapy Theta Healing Teacher and Practitioner Reiki II Crystal Healing

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Hypnotherapy Works - About