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Dr Julie Kidd

Dr Julie Kidd

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Servicing area: Canberra

Dr Julie Kidd
GP Hypnotherapist. Medicare rebate.
Short term problem-solving.
Habit change.

Dr Julie Kidd

  • Weight loss without the struggle - easy if you have no desire to overeat
  • STOP - binge-eating, smoking, alcohol, chocolate, sugar, pot
  • STOP - stressing, agitating, worrying, recycling guilt, bad memories, anger
  • Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depression, insomnia, irritability - I can help
  • Can't meditate? Hypnosis is a great way to let go of the incessant thoughts and find peace
  • Have more joy, aliveness, balance, motivation, discipline, self-confidence
Dr Julie Kidd

Hi, I'm Julie Kidd. I have been a doctor for over 30 years. In that time I have practised in teaching hospitals, as a country GP, wholistic GP and in heart disease prevention.

Ten years ago I went to a training course in Medical Hypnosis. The doctor who was teaching needed a subject for demonstration, so I brought my then 10 year old son, who had debilitating insomnia ,to the class. The two sessions that he had made a tremendous difference to our lives, Finally, after 10 years of the misery of sleeplessness and exhaustion for parent and child, it was over.

My son could just go to bed and go to sleep and I could have evenings to wind down. I was amazed that this was possible, easy and life-changing. Ever since then I have been a medical hypnotherapist helping others who are suffering and needing a way to change.

From my experience, some people will heal or change themselves by simply taking themselves as the authority in their lives. They know what they want, decide to do what needs to be done, and they have the inner resource to do whatever it takes. However, many of us need a little help.

Most of us know what we should do, but we can't find the energy, the will or even a sense that it's possible to change. We waste our lives and our energy on ruminations about the past, the future, repetitive thought patterns, unhelpful habits and self-judgement. Using hypnotherapy, we can re-gather the power of mind, body and spirit into a unified force for change. It isn't hard.

All achievements are from habits. All failures are from habits.

"At 51 years of age, I had practiced junk food addiction for almost 40 years. Totally incapable of controlling any craving for junk food, which would hit suddenly and powerfully. This addiction dominated my life completely, so that by the time I sought treatment with Dr Kidd, I was unemployed, unemployable, suicidal and uncomfortably obese.

And then "The Miracle". After completing my first hypnotherapy session, I was healed of my addiction. No more cravings. A totally neutral attitude to the junk food on which I had been so dependent.
This therapy totally released me from a lifetime addiction. And my gratitude for this healing is immeasurable."

- A.C.

"I was terribly depressed and not coping at all well my weight had spiralled out of control and I really needed help.

I had 4 weeks treatment with Dr Kidd and although I still have a long way to go with my weight I found that hypnotherapy helped me to take control of my life, and therefore helped me to lose weight as well. I lost 8 kg in 5 weeks. Hypnotherapy gives you all the tools to change your life but you are ultimately in control."

- K.I.

"Before I started hypnotherapy I was having very sad dreams almost every night to the point of feeling sad all day. After the 1st session the sadness went, still dreaming, but now I have had 4 sessions, the sad and bad dreams have completely gone. I thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy."
- J.W.

"I would like to thank you for your help. When I came to you, I was a stressed-out nervous wreck, pretty much unable to decide what direction to take, if any. What a difference it made, not only the hypnosis but the techniques you taught me to use as an ongoing process to keep me centred, thank you.

I hope that I can now go on, but am also aware that if I feel I need a "top-up", I know where to get it.
p.s. An amazing by-product of my de-stressing was that my blood pressure stabilized.

- L.S

"Thanks to Dr Kidd's help via several hypnotherapy and counselling sessions, I was able to end a habit of emotional over-eating that had severely affected my health for a period of 18 years. The results were quick and painless and this was the first weight-loss approach to actually work, and I've tried every approach there is. My gratitude to Dr Kidd is far-reaching."
- Music Teacher

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Qualification Details

  • M.B.,B.S, Dip RACOG
  • Dip Clinical Hypnosis

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