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Dr Portia Reading

Dr Portia Reading

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I work with you to help identify and correct underlying biochemical and physiologic disruptions contributing to your symptoms and disease to free your body’s self-regulatory and healing capacity. With 25 years’ experience using high magnification blood microscopy, functional medicine and nutrigomics, you can expect a scientific, supportive and compassionate approach to your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Dr Portia Reading

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• Investigate underlying physiologic disruptions using high magnification blood microscopy – without expensive ‘functional medicine’ tests.
• Enhance gene expression and well-being by optimising the condition of your blood with improved biochemical and physiologic function.
• Monitor progress with your own eyes.

State of the art blood microscopy opens a window into the workings of your body to help identify where there is disruption or weakness and therefore, what therapeutic intervention is best for you.

By getting to the bottom of the problem, your management plan is aimed at giving back to your body the ability to self-regulate and heal by restoring structural and functional integrity to your body systems, including gastro-intestinal, liver, immune, endocrine and neurologic (all which inter-relate) with downstream effects of reducing symptoms and enhancing wellbeing.

Additional skills in psychotherapy and stress management allow me to understand how your physical and emotional health effect each other and cannot be managed in isolation. Both influence gene expression and are equally important epigenetic considerations.

Together we can work to enhance your genetic potential with diet, supplements, rest, mindset, and stress management to live a rich and fulfilling life.

Special interests include gut health and immune mediated disorders including ME/CFS, SLE, MS, Thyroid, general fatigue and un-wellness, dementia, fat loss and stress management – all complementary to sound medical management.

Disciplines include: High Resolution Blood Morphology, Naturopathy, Complementary & Functional Medicine, Nutritional Biochemistry, Psycho-nutrition, Psychotherapy, Stress Management and Meditation.

About the Microscopy.
The Bradford Variable Projection Microscope gives unparalleled magnification (18,000 x) while keeping the image sharp (resolution). This along with a number of filters gives unprecedented viewing potential.

This screening test removes guesswork and trial and error methods from selecting appropriate remedies, so supplements that are actually needed are prescribed and progress can be easily monitored.

Capillary blood is collected by a tiny finger prick and blood is viewed 'live' (the closest representation of your blood as it flows in your vascular system) and 'dry' to analyse coagulated (clotted) morphology.

LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS opens a window into the state of your blood giving actionable insight into underlying disturbances:

• The health of your red cells and their membranes
• White blood cell morphology and motility
• Platelet health
• Indicators of functional liver disturbance
• Pancreatic enzyme capacity
• Opportunistic micro-organisms e.g. Candida spp, Mycoplasma...
• Blood born parasites
• Oxidative stress

THE DRY HLB test assesses, among other things, the oxidative foot print of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), a reflection of free radical activity, toxicity and physiologic disruption in your body. It can indicate more serious changes in the body and early detection allows judicious intervention if required. If a more serious condition is suspected, you will be directed to your doctor for further investigation. In the case of a disease process, the HLB dry test can monitor the adaptive and regenerative response of the body during medical and naturopathic management. This allows you to fine tune supportive therapies and assess whether your organ reserve and integrity is being re-established; in other words, to see if your therapy is working.

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