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Sandra Tenge

Naturopathic Services, Herbal Medicine, Iridology & Homeopathy

Brighton, VIC, 3186

Member since 2005

Find out what your body needs through naturopathy and keep ailments at bay.

Obesity Aura Bedwetting Fatigue Vision Private health insurance provider Sports medicine Emotional wellbeing Psoriasis Growing pains

Absolute Body Health Solutions: Be informed. Get better. Keep well.

Samantha Walker Naturopath

Brighton, VIC, 3186

Member since 2011

Samantha is a Naturopath with expertise in: Anti-ageing, Anxiety, Fertility treatment, Skin disorders, Successful Weight Loss and Hormonal Imbalances. All appointments are located in Bentleigh only.

Manipulation Menopause Respiratory health Rehabilitation Chronic pain Blood analysis Natural medicine Telehealth Anxiety Elderly

Learn how your food, exercise, sleep & stress affects your health based on your glucose biomarkers.

Now available for non-diabetics.

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Tarryn Donnelly

Energie Natural Health

Brighton, VIC, 3186

Member since 2010

Feeling run down? Energie Natural Health’s practitioners will help you "Reclaim your Energie" with their unique blend of science and natural therapies – call to book a Nutritional consultation or Massage Therapy session now!

Overwhelm Wellness Immunity Health goals Cancer management Flexibility Hypnotherapist Reflux Vitality Complementary therapies

Balance Complementary Medicine

Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine at Balance

Brighton, VIC, 3186

Member since 2007

Naturopathy is a natural complement to your current medical treatment, working in conjunction with your doctor.  

Chronic skin conditions Psoriasis Emotional wellbeing Birth trauma Headaches Energy Optimal health Constipation Food sensitivities Trauma

Hamish Everard Natural Therapies

Hamish Everard Natural Therapies

Brighton, VIC, 3186

Member since 2005

Naturopathy, Nutrition, Osteopathy, ShakeIt Weightloss Program, Live Blood Screening, Allergy Testing, Nutrient and Toxic Element Testing, Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Relaxation Massage, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Ear Candling, Cupping

Hair tissue analysis Diarrhoea Infertility Heavy metal toxicity Well-being Reflux Weight management Respiratory problem Asthma Hay fever

Jeni Wright


Bentleigh, VIC, 3204

Member since 2010

Naturopath • Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner • Massage Therapist • Aromatherapist • Natural Health Teacher

Chronic health issues Australian bush flower essences Wholistic health Emotional wellbeing Infertility Reproduction Tiredness Love Lifestyle Herbalist

Benjamin Deutscher

Malvern Natural Health Care - Vitamin and Mineral Analysis

Malvern East, VIC, 3145

Member since 2004

Oligoscan instant testing of Vitmains, Minerals and heavy Metals provides a valuable insight into the your body's requirements for optimal health. If you are not full of energy, feeling rundown or getting sick too often then get your mineral levels checked and recieve a detailed report and suggestions on how to correct it using natural foods or supplements.

Facial Sinus Sciatica relief Well-being Fatigue Body composition Heavy metals Cravings Relaxation Indigestion

Margaret Boyd-Squires

Pathology Testing, Iridology, Herbal Medicine, Lymphatic Drainage, Ear Candling, Nutrition.

Prahran, VIC, 3181

Member since 2007

Margaret uses herbs, vitamins and minerals, dietary and lifestyle advice, functional pathology and other comprehensive screening tools, lymphatic drainage and iridology in her practice.  

Inflammation Autoimmune disease Lymphatic system Tiredness Gut Health Detox programs Anxiety Food intolerance Weight management Functional testing

Max Ferraiuolo, Michelle Cooke

Wind Water Health - Naturopathy

South Melbourne, VIC, 3205

Member since 2007

Treat what ails you the natural way, with the help of a professional Naturopathy Consultation from Wind Water Health. Perfect to help with a range of health conditions and ailments

Weight management Happiness Back pain Wellness Scoliosis Health goals Disease prevention Nervous system Flexibility Stroke

John Pietryka

All Natural Advantage

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Member since 2005

Specialising in the treatment of children's health: Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), ADHD, gastrointestinal complaints, anxiety, mood issues, poor concentration, insomnia, "picky eating", and poor immunity

Face to face appointments Autism spectrum disorders Assessments Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Immunity Anxiety Depression Mood disorders Food intolerance Intolerance

Indra Share

Indra Share

Fitzroy, VIC, 3065

Member since 2009

Indra is a warm, empathetic, and supportive practitioner who recognises that your situation is as unique as your personality. Indra offers individualised treatment ensures the root of the problem is addressed.

Allergies Detoxification Stress management Cancer management Holistic health Autoimmune disease Keto Chronic pain Anxiety Fatigue

Dr. Rene Fontyne

Dark Field Live Blood Microscopy Services

Balwyn, VIC, 3103

Member since 2012

Dr. Rene Fontyne (CM, ND, HD, MH, RT)  Know What Ails You Through Your Blood: Learn more about a unique diagnostic procedure that can diagnose your illness by observing your blood

Gastrointestinal disorders Memory Period pain Workcare Rehabilitation Emotional wellbeing Reading Mobility issues Purpose Urinary problems

Melbourne Naturopathy

Health Screening Program

Thornbury, VIC, 3071

Member since 2005

Comprehensive Health Screening

Hormonal imbalance Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Endometriosis Pregnancy support Acne Weight management Detoxification Digestive health Digestive system Type 1 diabetes


Access to Health

Ascot Vale, 3032

Member since 2007

Louise Allen offers a diverse range of Naturopathy services in the Moonee Ponds area. If you have ongoing health issues you would like to deal with in a natural, holistic manner make contact with Louise today!

Tight muscles Migraine Pregnancy support Business Energy Weight management Colitis Health issues Menopause Joy

Karen Hogan

Karen Hogan

Doncaster, VIC, 3108

Member since 2010

Feeling unwell, rundown, in pain or need support?

Infections Haematology Bioenergetics Nervous system Movement Hydration Mineral balance Energy Energetics Stress management

Deborah Giuliano

Her Belief Naturopathy

Niddrie, VIC, 3042

Member since 2017

Deborah is an inspiring and motivating Naturopath with a special interest in weight management and gut health. She believes in meeting people where they are at in life and from this point is able to create realistic, achievable goals and design individual tailored lifestyle plans that can bring positive health transformations to her clients. HER BELIEF NATUROPATHY WAS ESTABLISHED FROM A DESIRE TO CREATE HEALTH TRANSFORMATIONS BY USING NATURAL HEALING...

Menopause Thrush Weight management Tiredness Anxiety Allergies Movement Relaxation Muscle tone Depression

James De Bono

High Performance Remedial Massage and Myotherapy - Myotherapy and Remedial Massage

Albanvale, VIC, 3021

Member since 2010

If you are seeking a therapist who stays abreast of their field, please do not hesitate to contact James on 0422 352 139. Specialising in Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, Sports Massage/ Injuries, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy. Other Therapies include: Swedish / Relaxation, Myofascial Release Therapy, Cupping, Acupressure, Connective Tissue, Corporate / Workplace, Mobile Service, Pregnancy Massage, Women's Health.

Stiffness Relaxation Fatigue Sprains Scoliosis Feet Massage therapy Postnatal support Shin splints Arthritis

The Tonic Tree Multidisciplinary Clinic

The Tonic Tree Multidisciplinary Clinic - Testing

Narre Warren, VIC, 3805

Member since 2012

Iridology, Allergy Testing / Treatments, Health Screening

Overwhelm Private health Parasites Arthritis Cold sores Addiction Sinus Hormonal imbalance Cravings Wellness

Jennifer Kennedy

Prescribing Nature - Services & Testing

Frankston, VIC, 3199

Member since 2012

"Are you ready to feel healthy and vibrant again? Book a consultation today."

Heavy metal toxicity Intolerance Menopause Endometriosis Fibromyalgia Natural medicine Dermatitis Love Food intolerance Stress management

Dr Portia Reading

Dr Portia Reading

Dewhurst, VIC, 3808

Member since 2009

I work with you to help identify and correct underlying biochemical and physiologic disruptions contributing to your symptoms...

Sadness Fatigue Blood analysis Functional medicine Emotions Depression Gut Health Wellness Complementary Frustration

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