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Earth Sky Vitality Hut

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Just as the practice of yoga puts us more in touch  ith ourselves and the natural world, the Earth Sky yoga hut has been cutom built to enhance this connection. Built around the idea of practincing yoga in a natural setting, the yoga hut still offers all of the practical comforts found in modern yoga studios.

Earth Sky Vitality Hut

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The Yoga Hut

We provide for your practice with high quality, mainly eco friendly yoga equipment so there is no need to bring anything but your smile. Having said that we understand that your own mat can be your own slice of heaven so please feel free to bring it along if you like!

The radiant heat from our Infrared heaters warms you without overheating and  penetrates deeply into your joints, muscles and tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation. The warmth of the infared heat helps to remove impurities from your cells, specifically the cells inside our fat where our body stores waste and harmful toxins such as cholesterol and heavy metals

The energy of our yoga hut has has been enhanced by sharing it with other yogis.We look forward to sharing it.

Yoga Teacher

Diane Shipway-Purtell
Yoga Teacher, Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Bowen Therapist.

MY YOGA is constantly evovling as I evolve and learn. The yoga i like to practice flows allowing a meditative state to remain throughout. My goal when teaching yoga is to draw on my many influences to create a class that matches the needs of my students My influences are Ashatanga yoga, power yoga and Vinyasa yoga. I enjoy yoga that moves allowing the breath to carry you along like a wave. My strongest influences come from my teachers many and varied, most strongly, Santina Giardina-Chard, Leanne Bowman and Nicky Knoff, I feel blessed to have had their guidance andto have  shared some of their knowledge so i can share it with you!


Pure Beginners Yoga

Beginners classes are for anyone who is new to yoga or just feels they would like to start at the beginning! In our Pure Beginners classes we begin to work with breath and asana and learn  beginning poses, laying the foundation of getting to know our breath, breathing with movement, gaining strength and flexibility.  Pure Beginners classes are a little shorter while we find our "yoga fitness", about an hour. We plan our Pure Beginners classes  to lay a firm foundation for what could become your life long love of yoga. 

Sunset Flow Yoga

Yoga classes for all levels are as the name implies open to all who would like to come an as such there will be varying levels of ability in the room. Most yoga asana (poses) have a "Continuation" that increase the difficulty of the asana. In a general class when necessary the teacher will give these continuations to accomodate for differing levels of experience. A great next step when you feel comfortable stepping out of the beginners class or for any one looking to get started.

Yoga for Seniors

Yoga is for everyone of all ages. In these classes we respect that sometimes the passage of time makes some practices more beneficial and we focus this class in that direaction. This class is for those who are more mature and would like experience yoga, increase flexibility and all round experience yoga's many benefits.  Included will be an introduction to body and breath awareness with relaxation and mindfulness.   It is not a flow class, there are short rests between the postures which allow a focus on what is happening in the present for the mind and body.

Vinyasa Power Flow

Just as the title says this power yoga class flows! A little experience is needed to truly enjoy this class, great for those looking to extend their practice and to have fun!

Yogi Fit

We took the harmony and ethics of yoga along with some moves,  the joy of being fit, the science of how to benefit from training in a positive environment and the health promoting benefits of interval training and we combined them in to one great class. Yogi Fit will increase your strength, your flexibiity, your cardio vascular fitness and your love of you and your life! For more info try here OR book your spot today!

Animal Healing

Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a non invasive therapy that involves light movements over the fascia and muscular systems effecting a number of body systems, encouraging the body's own natural healing systme to engage more fully.

Bowen therapy can be used to treat a wide range of ailments from wind to depression to strains and sprains, to encourage healing from surgery or to relieve pain from in elderly pets or to assist athletic and sporting pets or those animals that are doing work. Truly the list is endless.  Treatments take up to an hour or less, the animal dictates how long their session will take. - with regular breaks in order to encourage the natural healing system of the body to integrate the bowen work.

Reiki for Animals

Reiki is a form of energy therapy that works especially well with animals. Reiki can be used to encourage healing, to help calm stressed and depressed animals and again is easily used alongside any other type of therapy.

My animal thereapy treatments involve the use either Bowen therapy or Reiki or a combination of both depending on the condition and the best way to enhance the best result for the animal.

Again please feel free to contact me for more information or to discuss your pets needs.

Contact us today for more information.

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