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Servicing area: Mullumbimby, Byron Bay region, and online

"I had an amazing massage from the lovely Gigi last Monday... She gently massaged my belly and body for a couple of hours... She gave me so much space in that time, so much I was able to breathe into those stored emotions in my belly and let them go... She was so gentle, so present... I felt safe. 
I was able to released some of what I was holding on of my last relationship. I say some because there's a lot of good things and there's no need to let go of those. 
I've been so alive and embodied, strong in myself self loving and joyful, and so exited about life since... I'm taking it slow and gentle... things are looking up. —feeling thankful."

Rose Miho


"I can't say enough about Zenthai and Gigi. At first I was skeptical that Zenthai could really be as good as Swedish or other deeply relaxing massages, but it was way better than any style I've ever experienced. I think of it as lazy man's yoga! Kate's wonderful contemplative energy lends a beautiful transmission to the whole session that will leave you on cloud nine. Simply divine!"

Laura Curley


"Hi Gigi I want to thank you for giving me your total attention yesterday. I am still adjusting physically to the changes.

Such amazing awareness to be gained from going within the body. Thank you for all your knowledge and so gently inviting the body back into awakeness."

Helen Fraser


"I attended Gigi’s somatic exercise class and an intensive one day workshop.

I was becoming immobilized with increasing pain in my leg and hip.

Four years ago a van had run over me, I was unable to walk for 3 months. Unbeknown to me my pelvis had become unaligned as my body was twisted one way and my foot was crushed under the weight of the wheel.

I went to twelve disciplines of healing practice over a year gaining momentary relief with no permanent recovery.

Gigi’s own journey through both the physical and spiritual realm comes bearing gifts. 

I can only remark on my own healing that happened through the exercises and class, a relief from pain, the increase in mobility. 

I combined this with some deep tissue work and have increased my mobility 70% now.

Gigi’s understanding of somatics was an unlocking of peace in my body."

Grania Sexton.


"I felt so divinely relaxed and softened… sleep was deep and when I woke, I was able to fall back asleep.
Feeling very light in myself this morning. You are masterful at bringing the body into bliss and alignment."

Bubaloo Fahy


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