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Physiotherapy can provide rehabilitation, guidance and training to improve organ function, minimise downward pressure and give advice on treatment of symptoms.

Physiotherapy for Women

Women’s Health Physiotherapy 

A variety of common health problems can be faced by women throughout the life process. Some related to pregnancy and childbearing years, continued incontinence problems, management and rehabilitation of breast cancer and general declines with age. Most women think that they must survive under these circumstances because nothing can be achieved to improve their quality of life, but this is not the case.

Some of the concerns we should analyse and address include;

  • Pilates Classes
  • General strength and conditioning for aging women
  • Rehabilitation after mastectomy and breast cancer
  • Ultrasound for mastitis and blocked milk canals 
  • Evaluation & diagnosis for postpartum care
  • Trauma associated with birth 
  • Pregnancy rehabilitation is like general exercise or treatment of gestational diabetes
  • Pelvis and back injury evaluation and recovery
  • Overactive bladder diagnosis 
  • Prolapse and incontinence diagnosis
  • Muscle assessment and retraining of pelvic floor

We have specially trained professional physiotherapists who can provide a thorough evaluation and a detailed review of how to treat and address these particular health problems more effectively.

Specific tests of female physiotherapists require up to 60 minutes in confidential and secure settings.

The diagnosis and recovery programs are drawn up according to the most modern evidence-based procedures and a concept of a return to full functionality and quality of life whether it is a postpartum procedure or emotional incontinence therapy after the end of life.

Pelvic organ prolapse is predicted to increase with age, when pelvic organ strength starts to fail, which can contribute to incontinence. 

Pregnancy exercises have also proven to be effective in most people and help manage problems linked to childbirth such as gestational diabetes, back pain, etc. 

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East Gosford Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre