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We have highly trained physiotherapists available to handle a sports injury and investigate the causes that may originally have affected you.

Sports Injury Treatments for Rugby, Cricket, Football, Golf, Etc.

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Gosford East NSW

Focus areas

Gait assessment Movement Elderly Continence Postpartum Injury prevention

Sports Injuries Treatment Programs

For more than 20 years, East Gosford Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre has treated sports accidents. We use dry needling, massage, manual therapy, and tapping to relieve the discomfort and to allow you to function again.

We will then do a pose and motion study, or biomechanical test, to look at underlying factors that have helped to prevent the sports injury. This is part of our Pain for Performance model, which will not only fix your sporting injury or discomfort, it will also make you stronger and healthier than ever.

Australian Rules Football 

Australian Rules Football is a difficult sport, which is vulnerable to injuries and there is much to be done to prevent and manage injury by local or community players. We have highly skilled sports physiotherapists with expertise in treating the threats of Australian Rules football teams and guidance on protective injury techniques.

The AFL created FootyFirst with respect to injury prevention and preparation. This is free and our Physios will be able to assist you through this program. 


The method was designed by a physiotherapist to relieve the strain on the back of the bowling movement. This particularly tackles core stability and the way you bowl the spinal cord to ensure that back articulation and discs are well balanced when turning and bending. Such drills are easy to understand and players can use these exercises at home or during cricket practices. 

Figure Skating 

We can provide highly specific skater care. We will develop a recovery plan which will help you recover from your injuries and get you back on the ice, ensuring that your fitness and performance pressures have been tested and to avoid re-injury.


FIFA also developed a training program for all soccer stages and was written in 2008 in the British Medical Journal. The F-Marc FIFA “11+” Program. Scientifically, the “11+” injury prevention program has demonstrated a significant reduction in the risk of injury (37% less training and 29% fewer match injuries). 


The program includes specific posture and discomfort, and analyses how your body affects your golf swing. A highly specific fitness program is designed to match the situation and help you get back on the field to play better than ever before. 


Our Black Belt physiotherapist can diagnose and manage martial arts accidents and use, above all, his experience of the postures, kicks, and punches appropriately for preparation and competition. We use the latest technologies to assess the core to pelvis (real-time ultrasound) and demonstrate how you can use the core better and how your abilities can be strengthened.


The system has been developed to improve and strengthen the regulation of hip and rear roles in our bodies for greater safety in the fields of rugby (union and league).

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