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Josephine Mollica

Forestville NSW 2087

Servicing area: Northern Beaches & Upper North Shore

Advice from a qualified Personal Dietitian

About Eatwiser

Welcome to Eatwiser

Just as every individual is different, so too should the advice that you are provided in relation to the treatment of individual health issues.

At Eatwiser, we strongly believe that your health is your most valuable asset and the best way to reach your optimal level of health is by adhering to nature’s medicine – food! Our aim is to empower you to be at your natural peak either through family or individual consultations, supermarket and home visit, or through the use of practical demonstrations.

Eatwiser Philosophy

Here at Eatwiser, we love assisting individuals to regain control of their health. You will discover a practical approach to our work as we strongly believe that it is highly effective to physical demonstrate what is best for you, as opposed to just telling you.

About Josephine

Josephine is an experienced and qualified nutritionist and dietitian who is dedicated to assisting her clients to make informed and positive lifestyle choices, which in turn helps them to lead healthier lives.

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