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Anxiety and phobias Addiction
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  • MEL BRICE - Counselling Hypnotherapist

    Reprogramming The Unconscious
    Dealing with the cause rather than the symptoms.


    Behavoural Reaction, Inner Conflict Exploration.


    Ever wondered why we behave the way we do? Ever thought about the force that is behind the anxiety, the addiction, the phobia, the lack of confidence, or any other of a million behaviours that drive us to distraction. Apart from knowing that there is a conflict going on within we are unaware as to why this conflict exsists and even less aware of what to do about it.
    It is as if another part of the mind takes over and does something different to what we initially wanted and this something can apply to the things we do -Behaviours, the things we feel - Emotions, the thoughts we have, images, relationships, and even physical disorders.

    Behaviours. Addictions, affairs, comfort eating, compulsive disorders, etc

    Emotions. Anger, anxiety, sadness, depression.

    Thoughts. Negativity, lack of self belief/confidence.

    Images: Nightmares, hallucinations

    Projections: Getting into destructive relationships. Attracting the wrong kind of people.

    Physical: Psychosomatic disorders, Sexual dysfunctions

    Our initial response is to try to stop the activity, try to get rid of the behaviour, for example taking antidepressants or going on binges, and while antidepressants work in lifting the depression they are only dealing with the symptom. Drugs and alcohol, well we know how effective they are in the long term.
    But instead of trying to get rid of the action if we were to see the behaviour as a symptom or a reaction to an unconscious drive or conflict and work with the symptom to uncover the cause of the conflict.
    The BRICE METHOD enables us, client and practicioner, to discover why there are inner conflicts and how to begin the process of dealing with them.
    The BRICE METHOD not only reveals the source of this inner force, and once we are aware of something it becomes easier to understand and deal with, but the method also gives us a means of resolving the conflict.
    The BRICE METHOD is applied out of hypnosis, however the process of dealing with the inner conflicts can be substantially helped during the hypnosis part of the session.

    Cigarettes, soft and hard drugs, gambling, alcohol, are all symptoms. They are usually used to distract the person from themselves.
    Yes, cigarettes are also a habit and addictive. Gambling is about self esteem. Alcohol an escape. Soft and hard drugs to change the mental status.
    Most addictions can be dealt with in one session, however this depends on the depth of the underlying issues the mind is being distracted from.

    Anxiety and panic attack are learned behaviours, people generally arn't born with anxiety. In fact anxiety is the mind doing exactly what it should be doing (warning us of danger) but it is doing it at the wrong time and in the wrong situations. We need, by using hypnosis to speak with the subconscious mind, to ask the mind to change the inappropriate behaviour.

    About Hypnotherapy

    Hypnosis is not sleep, it is the sleep of the nervous system and as such the client is aware of what the Hypnotherapist is saying as well as can use their voice to communicate. Secondly the client is control at all times and can call the session to a stop anytime they wish. It must be remembered that we all have our own set of values and morals that guide us through life, what you might call your own wall of protection and nothing gets past it without the client's permission.

    The Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind to help to change limiting beliefs, fears, faulty perceptions, low self-esteem etc. to bring about the changes the client desires. There are many techniques that can be used to assist a client in achieving their goals; from very gentle indirect techniques to the more direct type and also guided imagery.

    For further information about Hypnotherapy see: the Australian National Hypnotherapy Register or the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists Inc.


    To make appointments contact: 0403432091
    If you are unable to speak with me, I maybe with a client, so please leave a short message and I will return your call during office hours of 9 am 6 pm Monday to Friday

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    Day-time appointments: Monday - Friday
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    Most issues can be addressed within one session..
    The cost for the initial consultation is $300.00. this session is between two to two and a half hours duration.
    Subsequent sessions are $200 per consultation.

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  • B.A. (Psychology)
  • Australian National Hypnotherapy Register 00135

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