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Specialising in Providing a Range of Holistic Kinesiology Services to Both Adults and Children of All Ages - For Any Reason!

Holistic Kinesiology

A Kinesiology session is all about helping you to feel better! Working physically and energetically we can achieve so much more in a quicker time frame. We all work long and hard so seeing results is what we want. This is not about replacing one crutch with another! This is about getting to the bottom of ‘it’ as quickly and gently as possible.

If you feel very depressed, angry, fearful or anxious, if you can’t sleep and your energy levels are low, or if you just don’t feel yourself, trying to shake the feeling. Trouble is that it just isn’t always that easy, is it! “Get over it” they say! Well of course if it was that easy you would.

Holistic Kinesiology works on many levels to help you overcome these things.

  • Physically – where lots of stress and tension is held
  • Emotionally – to find and address conscious / subconscious thoughts and feelings...
  • Energetically – helping you to release those feelings, replacing them with new positive ones.

The trick is to trigger a shift in your awareness so that you begin to see things in a different way, which in turn affects the way you see yourself and others around you.This does work - know because my first experience with Holistic Kinesiology was as a client and it completely turned my life around.

Other areas of your life can also improve, including:

  • Sleep patterns can be improved
  • Aches and pains can disappear
  • Energy levels can be increased
  • Sometimes a difficulty in becomming pregnant can have an emotional component to it. Both partners!
  • A new positive attitude can emerge

Sometimes just getting to the bottom of what is causing it and talking about it is enough to help you deal with it. Again this is where the energy work is so important in helping you to move on.

Who Can Benefit From These Treatments?

Any one! Adults (Relationship issues), teenagers (Anxiety; Stress), children (Anxiety), even babies - its safe gentle and affordable, easy!

I particularly love working with children and I have a very soft spot for all those little ‘Harry Potters” I get to work with. I also enjoy helping children through a range of issues including:

  • Problems settling in at daycare, school or kindergarten
  • Problems sleeping - Nightmares, sleep walking etc

These and any other distress that a child is feeling can be addressed. Children love the energetic healing techniques and are very responsive to them.

So let Holistic Kinesiology techniques help you get to the bottom of that physical complaint that no-one seems to be able to help you with. Let it assist those of you who wish to progress in emotional areas or spiritual matters.


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Julie is a fully qualified and Government accredited Holistic Kinesiologist with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and 20 years experience. You can feel better quickly and gently in a relaxed and peaceful environment

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