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Elizabeth Trenear

Elizabeth Trenear

"The greatest medicine is how we live"

- Serge Benhayon

Esoteric Healing

Esoteric healing is a number of gentle healing practices that are based on the vast Science(s) of the Ancient Wisdom. In short we can know these very simply by connecting with our innermost or inner heart.

A hands on healing technique that starts with deep body relaxation from both the nervous system and then the lymphatic system to spark true health and wellbeing.

Sacred Esoteric healing works on the principles of connection and is a re-connection to the natural expression that is found within our hearts.


I am a Chakra-puncturist in training. Chakra-puncture is a health-care modality that is complementary to medicine in which needles, applied very lightly, offer a deep foundational energetic and physical support for the body. It is a modern day technique that has its roots in an ancient lineage of Esoteric Wisdom.

The needles are applied very lightly to the skin in specific patterns on the body that serve the purpose of restoring harmonious balance and order to the energetic state of being and thus support the body to return to its natural and true vitality.

Skype sessions available, and face-to-face sessions in Tasmania, Melbourne and Perth

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