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Apr 2009

Catherine Kato, Eltham Acupuncture

Contact Name Catherine Kato
Phone 03 9439 7822
Mobile 0413 325 744
Address Eltham VIC 3095
Servicing Areas Eltham, Montmorency, Diamond Creek, Greensborough, Doreen

Catherine Kato practices a combination of Traditional Japanese and Classical 5 Elements Acupuncture and has more than 16 years' experience both here and in Japan. If you are looking for a gentle yet effective therapy that treats the mind body and spirit, call Catherine on 0413 325 747 - available in Eltham.

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture & Classical Chinese 5-elements Acupuncture

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture

I have been practising Traditional Japanese Acupuncture (TJA) for more than 16 years and have helped thousands of people to attain a better state of health and wellbeing. TJA is a gentle yet potent form of Acupuncture that uses the finest needles available. Very gentle techniques are employed with your optimum comfort in mind.

Classical Chinese 5 Elements Acupuncture

Over the last 8 years I have been blending the gentle Japanese techniques with another Acupuncture style known as Classical 5 Elements Acupuncture. This style of Acupuncture specifically focuses on the spiritual and emotional aspects of Chinese Medicine. I am passionate about helping my clients reach a deeper sense of peace and wellbeing.

Headaches/Migraines and Lower Back Pain

I have a particular interest in helping people who experience regular headaches and/or migraines, as well as those who have lower back pain. The symptoms we experience are messages that the body, mind and/or spirit are not in balance and harmony. When we return to a state of balance and flow, the symptoms are no longer required.

I also get great satisfaction helping clients who may be experiencing other signs of stress such as neck or shoulder tension, sleep disturbances, fertility issues, women's health or mild anxiety/depression.  

Traditional Japanese and 5 Elements Acupuncture may help with the following:

  • headaches/migraines

  • lower back pain

  • stress

  • shoulder or neck tension

  • sleep disturbances

  • fertility issues

  • women's health

  • mild anxiety/depression

For more information about how Acupuncture can help you or to make an appointment at my Eltham & Greensborough practice, call Catherine on 0413 325 747, visit my website, or click on one of the buttons below to message me.

Qualification Details

Bachelor of Health Science (TCM-Acupuncture), Vic Uni (2001)
Bachelor of Economics/Arts (Japanese Studies - Hons), Monash Uni (1993)

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