Embrace Empowerment

Khadine Aharon

North Parramatta NSW 2151

Embrace Empowerment… Embrace your Life… Transforming pain, anxiety and trauma into peace, emotional freedom and happiness.
Welcome to Embrace Empowerment. EFT and energetic healing with Khadine Aharon.

About Embrace Empowerment


Khadine’s Mission

Khadine aims to support you to:

Increase your levels of happiness, emotional freedom and inner calm.

Connect on a deeper level with yourself

Create the life you want.

What does Khadine provide?

Khadine is an EFT tapping practitioner, Trainer, Energetic Healer and Speaker.

Khadine is an Accredited Social Worker and in her practice offers a range of energetic psychology techniques, specialising in Advanced EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting and Tie-cutting Techniques.

She is a registered EFT trainer and also provides self-development workshops, groups and meditation circles.

Khadine also offers Soul Journey Healings which combine a range of powerful energetic healing techniques.

Why work with me?

There are many EFT practitioners and energetic healers around…

So why choose me?

I’m incredibly passionate about supporting you and teaching you tools that you can use to release pain, negative experiences, trauma, anxiety or whatever is holding you back. I help you to enjoy the life you have now and to create the life you want. I’m accepting, nurturing and direct when I need to be. For me being a part of your life journey is a privilege.

I look at your health and wellbeing from a holistic view. Mind, body, spirit, relationships, family, community and environment all impact your wellbeing.

I am an Accredited Social Worker. I have more than 25 years of combined experience working in community services and natural therapies. I have worked with hundreds of people individually, in groups and community. So you can trust that you’re with a professional.

I have life experience. I live with a chronic illness. I have experienced trauma. I have done a lot of work on myself and continue to do so. Life isn’t perfect. Nobody’s is. But I’m happy. And I’ve come to love myself and who I am. I’d like to help you do that too.

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