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I offer a range of energetic and spiritual healing techniques including: Soul Journey Healings   Galactic frequency healing   Access Bars   Colour therapy   Animal guidance   And more… The most commonly sought from me are soul journey healings.

Energetic/Spiritual Healing

Focus areas

Distant healing Happiness Emotional wellbeing Face to face appointments Purpose Joy


Soul Journey Healings

Soul journey healings are provided face to face or through distant healing. Both use similar technique and have the same basic formula.

Face To Face Soul Journey Healings

Soul Journey healings include a unique combination of energetic healing techniques designed to harmonise your body so that it can heal more effectively on all levels…mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Just some of the techniques used in each session include:

    • Medicine drum

    • Medicine rattle

    • Smudging

    • Galactic frequency healing

    • Energetic clearing

Key Benefits

    • Physical and emotional healing

    • Increased consciousness and deeper connection with higher self

    • Works multidimensionally – through all time, space and lifetimes

    • Relaxing – great if you want to just lay down and relax rather than talk

    • Just as effective by distance as in person

    • Can be experienced between EFT sessions. I have observed that Soul Journey Healing’s take the transformations achieved through EFT to a whole new level.

Galactic Frequency Healing Symbol – Unconditional Love

Soul journey healings are relaxing. The session is unique to everyone as I tailor it to your needs. What you can expect is:

    • A friendly welcome

    • A discussion about what areas of life you would like to bring healing to and your intention for your healing.

    • Smudging to cleanse the energy around you before the soul journey healing.

    • You will randomly select 3-5 Galactic Frequency symbols. I will explain what these symbols mean.

    • They will be used during the Galactic Frequency healing section of your session with me. Galactic frequency healing assists to clear blockages energetically and to harmonise with the energy of each symbol.

    • Medicine drum vibrates through your body for clearing and bringing harmony. During this time, songs often come which are unique to your healing. This section in recorded and sent to you so you can benefit with this sound healing again and again.

    • Medicine rattle assists you to give away that which no longer serves you.

    • A discussion after the session about your Soul Journey healing.

Distant Soul Journey Healings

Are very much like the face to face Soul Journey Healings. They differ in the following ways:

    • They are performed outdoors by natural water

    • Different wildlife attend during the session with messages for you

    • You are sent a recording of your medicine drumming so you can listen to it as much as you like

    • You are emailed a healing summary which includes:

        • What I have observed during the entire process

        • The Galactic frequency symbols used and what relevance they have to you.

        • Photos of the location and some of the wildlife which have brought messages (some are too fast for me to photograph)

A water dragon helping out during a Distant Soul Journey Healing




Medicine Drum 




Some of the benefits clients have expressed they felt they have experienced after a Soul Journey Healing include:

    • Relaxed and calm

    • Lightness

    • Motivated

    • More clients booking for services

    • Increased abundance

    • Higher self esteem

    • Reduction in pain

Distant Soul Journey Healing space




I am so grateful for Khadine and her amazing natural abilities! She is really one of a kind, I requested a soul journey healing as I trust and believe in what she offers!

I actually had no idea what to expect but place all my faith that what happens will be in my souls highest and best interest.

On the day she messaged me saying she is going to facilitate the healing, she is on the east coast whilst I am in Western Australia.

I felt something on the day but was not too sure exactly what shifted. On the day I was doing a talk on the power of the mind at a health and spirituality expo, one of the audience commented I had a green aura all around me.

Later when Khadine called me and sent me a full report, the first thing that she said was I had a green energy after healing.

I was blown away to read all the amazing elements that came together for the journey from animals, birds and insects that joined in on the healing.

Nature certainly has a way of conspiring with you on your soul journey and the report included photos which was amazing as I had no idea what some of the friendly earthlings looked like that were on the report.

My soul actually felt uplifted reading the detailed report!

I did a video the next day on Facebook to thank Khadine and recommend her to my friends and family. As a hypnotherapist and an author my alignment with my clients and work has been effortless since the soul journey healing by Khadine. I am eternally grateful and I highly recommend you talk with her and see how her energy resonates with you and your journey!
Bass Tadros
East Perth WA

If you are curious about receiving a Soul Journey Healing please call Khadine on 1300037778

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  • Accredited Social Worker
  • EFT Advanced Practitioner

Professional Membership

  • AASW - Australian Association of Social Workers

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