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Empowered Through Tantra

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Empowered Through Tantra

I am Yogi Kalinath, a Bodyworker, Energy Healer, Spiritual Counsellor and a very experienced Mindfulness / Meditation Coach.

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I have researched, practiced and offered various healing modalities over the last 20 years.

I specialize in Psychodynamic Bodywork which is both a wonderful and powerful technique to uncover, bring to the surface and shift / heal emotional and psychic trauma, and remove blockages to the free flow of energy within your body-mind complex which in turn will have a positive and empowering effect on any corresponding areas of your life.

I have also studied, practiced and taught Yoga, Meditation and Tantra locally, interstate, in India and internationally for the past 30 years.

I enjoy working with individuals as we each have our own journey to healing and self-discovery.

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