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Empowered Through Tantra

Empowered Through Tantra

Enhance your life, get more clarity and access your full potential.

Empowered Through Tantra - Mindfulness


Mindfulness is the art of being engaged in the moment, of being happy Here Now. It is taking charge of our own wellbeing and growing in understanding of ourselves and life.

Some of the benefits of Mindfulness?

  • Better concentration
  • Better memory
  • Clarity in decision making
  • Enhance brain functions
  • Reduced level of anxiety
  • More resilience
  • Reduced stress
  • Better sleep
  • Relief from depression
  • Better control over addictions or self-destructive behavior
  • Better management of emotions
  • Better communication including more effective public speaking
  • More emotional intelligence
  • Better listening skills
  • Better relationships
  • More self-confidence
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Better focus on goals and release of full potential

What does a session involve?

A session will usually involve exercises in self-awareness together with mindfulness meditation and mindfulness life skill all tailored to the individual and their needs. Specific areas can also be focused on for increased success and joy in life such as: studying, career, public speaking, fitness, business, crisis management, enhancing relationships and spirituality.

How much does a session cost?

$70 for initial session and $50 for any follow ups or further sessions (if required).

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