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Homeopaths support the body's own healing mechanisms, with naturally derived medicines, designed to work with your system to achieve optimum health and well-being.


Servicing area

Sydney and Melbourne

Focus areas

Headaches Pain relief Reproductive health Health goals Lifestyle Physical pain

Homeopathy is the second most used medical system is the world with around 550 million users. It is the most popular natural therapy in most of Europe and The Subcontinent.

Research has demonstrated homeopathy to be very effective in many conditions, including asthma, allergies, emotional complaints, eczema, hay-fever, headaches, back pain, childhood illnesses, digestive disturbance and female reproductive health. Typically homeopaths will give only one carefully selected medicine at a time, which makes homeopathy a very gentle and also very economical therapy. Homeopathic medicines are also available on sweetened pills that are especially appreciated by children, making homeopathy one of the most loved systems of treatment for children, toddlers and even babies.

Homeopaths endeavour to take a detailed understanding of a client's health and lifestyle, in order to select a personally tailored medicine that has demonstrated ability to assist with your health condition. Homeopathy benefits a wide variety of circumstances, and is used for children, adults, and the elderly.

What to expect from your session

You can expect a visit to a homeopath tobe run between one hour and one hour and a half. During your initial visit a homeopath will look to paint your Patient picture, uncovering details of past and present symptoms, both physical and mental-emotional. The better the homeopath understands you as a whole individual patient, the better they can match the most similar Remedy picture for your condition from the homeopathic pharmacy (Materia Medica).

Fees (includes remedy)

Standard - $25
Concession - $20

Children under 13 years of age $15 for all treatments.
Valid student card holders are eligible for concession pricing.
Dispensed items and optional services are provided at an additional cost.

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