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Naturopaths support the body's own healing mechanisms, with naturally derived medicines, designed to work with your system to achieve optimum health and well-being.


Servicing area

Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

Focus areas

Headaches Pain relief Reproductive health Health goals Lifestyle Physical pain

What to expect from your session

An initial naturopathic consultation will take approximately 1.5hrs and will involve an extensive case history.

On your first visit your student naturopath will take a very thorough wellness history, asking about your diet, lifestyle, stress, and environmental exposures. They may also conduct a physical examination, take your blood pressure, check your pulse, take photos of your iris and possibly request further laboratory tests if necessary. Alongside prescribed therapies, which may include nutritional counseling, herbal medicine, flower essences and iridology, your practitioner will work to empower you to make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve and proactively maintain the best possible health.

What to bring to your appointment 

Previous medical tests (e.g. pathology results), a list of medication (including natural supplements) that you may be on, a diet diary for at least three days if you wish to work on your diet.

Fees (includes remedy)

Standard - $25
Concession - $20

Children under 13 years of age $15 for all treatments.
Valid student card holders are eligible for concession pricing.
Dispensed items and optional services are provided at an additional cost.

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