Energetic Bodywork with Pamela McDowell

Pamela McDowell

Westcourt QLD 4870

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Hands-on tools that can really change your life. Relief from anxiety, stress, aches, pains, injury, illness & more. Access Consciousness Bars & Body Processes. Workshops, private sessions & retreats. Facilitated by Pamela McDowell CF,BF,BPF,CFMW.

Energetic Bodywork with Pamela McDowell



These are tools that have been so effective for me in discovering magic in my life and the joy that my body can actually be. For years I've muddled through life with stress, aches and pains and the wonder of what life is all about. I have come a long way since stepping into a yoga studio 1990s as a stressed-out engineer, and I'd love to share with you tools that can help transform your life, too.


Services - classes & workshops

Access Bars® Classes
8 hours • $300, $150 repeat price

The Bars® Class is a full-day, hands-on class. You will learn Access Consciousness Bars, running two full Bars sessions and receiving two sessions. This is a certified practitioner course.

Access Body Process Classes
2-4 hours 

The Access Consciousness® Body Processes unlock your body's healing potential - often with amazing results for you & your body. The hands-on body process classes are certified practitioner courses.

The Foundation
4 day class 

The Foundation classes are designed to empower you to change anything and everything you’d like to change in your life. 


Services - private sessions

30, 60 or 90 minutes; in-person or online

What would you like to change?  What do you know is possible?

Energetic Facelift
1 hour or 90 minutes

Pamper yourself with an energetic facelift - no creams, peels, knives or chemicals, just your body revealing the magic it truly be.

Access Body Processes
Duration varies 

Gentle hands-on sessions unlock your body from limitations. Discover more energy, better health and much greater possibilities for your body and your life.

Access Bars® Sessions
typically 1 hour or 90 minutes; 20-minute taster sessions are available

At worst you will feel like you have just had a phenomenal massage. At best your whole life can change. Gentle technique touching specific points on your head. 

Movement sessions: body awareness

Your body is pretty clever - perhaps more clever than you. Would you like to treat it to some movement, combining Viniyoga, yoga therapy and tools of Access Consciousness®?


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Energetic Bodywork with Pamela McDowell