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Energise Pregnancy and Remedial Massage

Kate Holden

Wentworth Falls NSW 2782

Servicing area: Wentworth Falls and The Blue Mountains

Energise Pregnancy and Remedial Massage

During pregnancy the body undergoes incredible changes

Energise Pregnancy and Remedial Massage

Specially adapted techniques for pregnancy can help the body to adjust to the ongoing changes and growth while providing relief for many of the symptoms that can arise. Massage during this period helps to promote a healthier happier pregnancy for both the mother and baby.

During the first trimester, while the physical changes are less evident, the hormonal changes can have a huge impact, most commonly through mild to severe nausea and fatigue, breast tenderness, heartburn, digestive troubles and more.

Pregnancy massage for most women in the first trimester is safe in the hands of a trained therapist and can greatly benefit circulation and hormonal and body balance while the body begins to adapt.

During the second trimester, for most, the nausea and fatigue begin to dissipate. But as the body adapts to the growing foetus, changes occur to posture, circulation, breathing, digestion, skin, hair and sleep.

It is common for trigger points to develop, muscular aches and pains, headaches, fatigue, joint instability, digestive problems, shortness of breath and oedema to name a few. Pregnancy massage is specially adapted to help target and provide relief for a lot of these symptoms, improve circulation and sleep, and help the body to adapt to the ongoing changes.

In the third trimester the changes and demands on the body are even further increased. Conditions such as lower back, hip and pelvic pain, pelvic instability, neck and shoulder pain, oedema, carpal tunnel syndrome, gestational diabetes, increased respiratory and circulatory problems and more occur with greater frequency. Massage in the third trimester can provide tremendous relief for these problems and help with sleep, relaxation and general wellbeing of the mother in preparation
for birth.

Special blends of essential oils created by Nuturelife Australia for each trimester are used together with a natural oil base.

The massage treatment from the second trimester onwards is given in side lying position for both comfort and safety. The treatment is a full body massage in order to be most effective and beneficial for the mother. The treatment is further tailored according to individual needs with areas focussed on that are most in need. Written consent from a GP or obstetrician may be required for some high risk conditions.

Draping follows the same protocol although a sheet is used for greater comfort.

Pregnancy treatments


75 mins - $100

90 mins - $120


75 mins - $100

90 mins - $120

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Qualification Details

Certificate IV Massage Therapy Practice .. Australian College of Massage (ACM)/ Evolve College
Diploma of Remedial Massage - Australian College of Massage (ACM)/ Evolve College
Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage - Pregnancy Massage Australia (PMA)
Member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT)
St Johnís ĎProvide First Aidí Certificate - St Johnís Ambulance
ABN 48281042123

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Energise Pregnancy and Remedial Massage