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Energy Healer - Holistic Wellness Clinic

Paula Brooks

Flynn ACT 2615

Energy Healer - Holistic Wellness Clinic



Energy Healer - Holistic Wellness Clinic


I was given a natural gift when I was a child, and set it aside in order to get a ‘real’ job, find a husband, get married, buy a house, get sick, have children, get divorced, get sick, lose a job, struggle, manage somehow to keep it all together, get a new education, come back to what I truly believe inherently, remember who I am and share this knowledge with others.

I currently practice include Regression and Hypnotherapy, Crystal Ray Therapy, Energy Healing, Psychic Counselling and Palmistry.

I specialise in Regression Therapy. Conducted in deeply relaxed state allowing you to reach into your subconscious mind for Age Regression or Past Life Regression or Life in Between... I open the door and you decide where to take me… Regression Therapy helps you to understand irrational fears, innate compulsions and reasons why you do what you.

I also love Energy Massage, a form of Healing Touch. A non-invasive method of balancing the Subtle Bodies and Energy Centres called Chakras as well as removing Blockages and Scars from your Energy Matrix. This modality has fantastic results on your ability to self-heal, to reduce stress, anxiety and maintain emotional balance.


Monday to Saturday

  • Emotional Healing

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Crystal Ray Healing

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Energy Healing & Reiki

  • Age Regression

  • Inner Child

  • Psychic Reading

  • Regression Therapy


Now $59 NOT $65 - 30 min

Now $99 NOT $110 - 1 hour

Now $139 NOT $155 -1.5 hour

Now $169 NOT $195 - 2 hour

Afterhours - Full Price or apply $10 Surcharge to Deals

What I Can Help With:

  • ADHD

  • Addictions Hypnotherapy

  • Allergies

  • Anxiety & Stress

  • Asthma & Breathing

  • Breaking Habits

  • Chronic Illnesses

  • Depression & Stress

  • Disturbed Sleep

  • Fertility

  • Lack of Energy, Motivation or Direction & feelings of despair

  • Mental Health

  • Metabolism

  • Pain & Migraines

  • PTSD

  • Self destructive or violent behaviours

  • Self - Development

  • Weight Loss - Hypnotherapy


My wife was told about Paula through a friend, and made the first appointment for me, I have struggled with a childhood trauma for many years, consisting of continual nightmares and sleeplessness.

I visited Paula with an open mind and was truly amazed at what occurred. Through the hypnotherapy/ Regression process, in just a few short sessions, she managed to empower me to overcome my fears and be able to discard the negative thoughts and dreams, having had to deal with the dreams for over 40 years this has been a truly life changing achievement.

Paula is a very special, gifted person, with a wonderful ability to be able to help others, in a very relaxed and calming way. I would highly recommend Paula, and don’t be like me and leave it for 40 years.!

David August 2017

​I decided to visit Paula and have HYPNOTHERAPY to help me with motivation towards exercise. I have always exercised but struggled in the past with motivation. Paula questioned me extensively about exactly what I wanted to achieve and where I was looking for improvement. The consultation was concluded with Paula knowing my precise requirements with specific exercise programs and the frequency of training that I was wanting to achieve.

I was then guided through the hypnotherapy process which lasted about one hour inclusive of the initial consultation.

During the process I felt safe and confident with Paula at all times. After the process I returned to work and continued with my day.

I am now training consistently in the mornings, five days a week and really enjoying it. I revisited Paula for a second session about a month later, just to reinforce the process for my own benefit. I would recommend Paula as a hypnotherapist from my personal experience.

Chris Burton 25/10/16

Hi Paula, I am so grateful for the first day I walked into your clinic and made an appointment to see you. Then after my first appointment I was amazed at your natural healing abilities and felt truly transformed. What a special gift you have and how generous you are to share your gift to help others, thank you.

My Counsellor could not believe the difference in me after only one session and now has encouraged me to see you regularly as a part of my recovery treatment plan for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and domestic violence.

My Counsellor does not want my PTSD to be managed by medication which is the treatment plan offered by the medical profession as I am recovering well under your holistic approach and for that I am truly grateful. God bless you Paula

LM Canberra Nov 2015


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