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Erlinda Yoga Centre

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Erlinda Lopez
Address Nelson ST
Ringwood VIC 3134
Servicing Areas Ringwood, Victoria

Erlinda Yoga Centre

All Erlinda Yoga sessions and programs are facilitated from Erlinda's home studio located in the heart of Ringwood. The studio is a place exclusively dedicated to yoga with all the equipment and props you need to support and to enjoy your practice. Chairs are available to use if you are more advanced in your pregnancy, as well as maternity pillows and blankets to make you absolutely comfortable in your relaxation time. Maternity pillows are also used to support your baby if attending mum and baby class. Bolsters, cushions, blocks and yoga belts are all available for you to use. Your teacher will instruct you how and when to appropriately use the props.



Owner of Erlinda Yoga, currently specializing in Prenatal Yoga, Post Natal Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

Yoga Australia Registered Teacher - Level 2, 2008


My Passion and Approach

My passion is to offer a yoga class where my students can experience the physical, emotional mental and spiritual support which yoga offers. A yoga practice that allows them to move from pregnancy into motherhood with a sense of wellbeing, ease and grace. I am especially passionate about guiding my students in using the practices of yoga to develop self confidence and self belief so their birthing experience and early months of motherhood can be more comfortable and fulfilling.

My approach is gentle and nurturing; I believe in this time of such a fast pace of life it is paramount for a pregnant woman to take time to care for their pregnant body, rest the mind, and lift the spirit. This is to enable them to make the transition to motherhood mindfully, connecting with the strength and courage that can only come from their loving hearts.

Through the practices of yoga I guide you to nurture and bond with your little miracle of a baby before, during and after birth. I follow my "mum" heart as I guide you week by week to cultivate that unbreakable bond of love between you and your child.

Respecting your choices

I respect and support your choices and although I encourage you to prepare for a natural birth, you never really know how things will go, therefore cultivating acceptance of what is and what is not is an important part of what I like to teach. I believe it is all about being happy with your choices and not having regrets with the choices that you made, and feeling that you have done the best you could for you and your baby.

Inclusion of Partners

I am very enthusiastic about encouraging the mother-to-be to include her partner or support person during the birthing of her child, as this role is incredibly important and support partners are often as nervous as mums-to-be about what to expect! They need to be prepared and know how to best support a laboring partner.

My classes

I like to facilitate small, intimate classes at my home studio, a space dedicated to yoga, where I can give you personalised attention, tailoring and adapting the practice to your individual needs.

I encourage a supportive non-judgmental space and I promote sharing of experiences, as I believe in learning from experiences rather than a book. I plan my classes from an experienced and passionate “mum caring about mums” space, with humour and compassion we learn together.

  • Diploma in Yoga Teaching - Australian Yoga Academy (500 hours) 2008
  • Certified Pre & Post Natal Yoga Instructor, Trained by Ana Davis at Baby Bliss Yoga (RPNYT). (100 hours)
  • Certified Relax Renew Restorative Yoga Trainer (Trained with Judith Hanson Lasater


Postnatal Yoga & Mother and Baby Yoga , Certified Yoga Instructor at Erlinda Yoga since 2008.

My interest with yoga started at an early age with a fascination of standing on my head and balancing on one leg. It took quite some time for me to actually take a class, it was a time when I needed it and yoga found me…

My yoga journey started when I was a young mum with two young girls and life was hectic; my body and my mind were suffering. With tight, tired muscles I couldn’t even touch my toes. I needed to reconnect not only with my body, but also with my spirit and my energy to find “me”. Yoga allowed me to do this and I soon realized that yoga is so much more than just a physical practice of movement… it allowed me the space to have mindfulness and quiet, and to listen to what my body and mind needed and provide the healing focus I needed. Then the universe then blessed us with a little boy.

As I reflected on how much yoga had assisted me as a young mum, the year my son started school I decided to commence yoga teacher training at the Australian Yoga Academy (2007). It was undoubtedly one of the most satisfying experiences I have ever had! Paired with my experience as a proud mum of 3 and (young!) grandmother of 2, it has lead me to where I am today as a fun, energetic yet gentle and nurturing yoga teacher for mums and bubs.

My Approach My Passion

Teaching mums and bubs is my most favorite class to teach, I simply adore babies, and all babies are welcome, whether content or unsettled; there is no judgment in my friendly classes.

I have experienced first hand what happens when as a mums we don’t take care of ourselves or respect that we need to look after ourselves before we can care for others. I believe yoga for mum and bubs is a wonderful opportunity to regain strength, relax and enjoy the company of other mums, and to reconnect with yourself with no need to leave your baby behind. This is actually a time I enjoy supporting you to reconnect with yourself, whilst also building a strong loving bond with your baby.

I like to make each one of my mum and bub classes a celebration of motherhood; I encourage my students to cultivate a deeper understanding of their body after birth, with respect, patience compassion and humor. Honoring your wonderful body and soul as a woman, and as a new mother, is at the very heart of my teaching.

I look forward to share and celebrate motherhood with you and your baby!

  • Diploma in Yoga Teaching - Australian Yoga Academy (500 hours) 2007
  • Certified Post Natal Yoga Instructor, Trained by Ana Davis at Baby Bliss Yoga

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