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Essensual Being

Marina Fick

North Ringwood VIC 3134

Servicing area: North Ringwood, Victoria

Essensual Being


Essensual Being - Fees



Consultation Fees for Kinesiology and Neuro-training sessions

Hourly rate 1 hour - $150.00
Initial consultation 1.5 hours - $225.00
Follow up appointments 1.5 hours - $225.00 (optional) or 1 hour - $150.00

Consultation Fees for Reiki Healing

1 hour session $120.00
1.5 hour session $180.00

N.B. 24 hour cancellation policy

(fees apply please enquire)

Please enquire about fees for my other services eg. Sleeptalk for Children and more…..

USUI and /or Seichem Reiki Healing Classes

Teaching of Reiki Level I Attunement $250.00
Reiki Level II Attunement $350.00
Reiki Level III (Master Level) Attunement $550.00 (all include a manual)
Repeat Reiki Level I Attunement $150.00
Repeat Reiki Level II Attunement $250.00
Reiki Level III (Master Level) $450.00

Distant Healing $85.00
Distant Intuitive Healing on Skype $150 for 45 mins

Ear Candling $85.00 for approx. 45 minutes

Healing head massage with some work on the neck and shoulder

30 minutes $55.00
45 minutes $100.00

**Concessions are available for all above services, please enquire about these fees.

Consultation Fees for SleepTalk for Children

Initial consultation 2 hours - $250.00 + purchase of book $35 (incl. CD) 
Follow up appointments 1.5 hours - $150.00

24 Hour Cancellation Policy

  • 24 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling appointments is required. If less than 24 hours notice a cancellation fee of 50% of consultation is applicable (this also includes non attendance without notice)
  • Those who do not cancel appointments at least two (2) hours prior to their scheduled appointments will be billed for the missed appointment.
  • Last minute cancellations and no cancellation with no attendance will result in full service charges.
  • Clients who repeatedly cancel may be asked to pay for appointments in advance.
  • If you are late to your appointment, the end time of the session will still be honoured to keep other clients from being inconvenienced, full session payment will be charged.

Please call me, or leave a voicemail message if you need to cancel or are running late. I appreciate your understanding of these policies: please help me run a successful practice by honouring our time commitments. Exception is in genuine emergency situations by the discretion of the practitioner.

Qualification Details

Qualified Kinesiology practitioner
Accredited Goulding SleepTalk™ Consultant
Diploma in Children's Services
Diploma in Neuro-training and Diploma in Kinesiology
Member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiology in Victoria (A.I.K.)