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Help improve your child's confidence and assertiveness, with a professional SleepTalk for Children Coaching Session at Essensual Being

Essensual Being - Sleep Talk For Children

Why Try a SleepTalk Coaching Session?

I can honestly say from my own experience and research of taking parents and children through the Sleeptalk for children process that it is one of the most effective, easiest,valuable and quickest techniques for you to learn that I have ever come across in assisting you as parents and your children through many physical, mental emotional stresses and disabilities they may present with.

Who Can Benefit From a SleepTalk Coaching Session?

I highly recommend it to all parents regardless of whether your child is healthy and happy or ill or stressed in some way as all children deserve lots of TLC. It empowers you as the parent in a way where you can feel you are able to help your child and also improve the quality of your parent-child relationship

Actually the whole family system and the world around you is positively affected like a beautiful ripple effect. Stress levels definitely reduce for everyone in the family so you are all able to have a happy household and relax and enjoy your family relationships and life again.

This process is a gift of love and self-esteem which leaves your child with a deep knowing and sense of being loved and lovable and that the world is a happy and wonderful place to be in.

Benefits of SleepTalk Coaching

The benefits of sleeptalk for your child/children are extensive covering aspects such as:
  • Increased confidence and assertiveness
  • Better relationships and behaviour,
  • Improved learning and concentration
  • Better health and wellbeing

Most of all it brings out your child’s full potential and gives them the ability to confidently meet any challenges life brings them paving a good foundation for a better, happier, healthier and more fulfilling life and leaving them with a positive healthy self-image.

Why not make parenting and childhood a joyful experience. Just give us a call to find out more. You can also view and purchase our Goulding Sleeptalk books on offer at the SHOP here or visit the website

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Qualification Details

Qualified Kinesiology practitioner
Accredited Goulding SleepTalk™ Consultant
Diploma in Children's Services
Diploma in Neuro-training and Diploma in Kinesiology
Member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiology in Victoria (A.I.K.)

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