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Beautiful, Healing, Practical, ... Genuine Natural Crystals chosen for their ability to balance your energy & promote clarity

Crystals By Essential Energies

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Crystals are a natural treasure formed in the earth. Their power & beauty has long been sought after by humans to wear on their person or enhance their environment.

Crystals by Essential Energies is an Online store for Crystals.
Each crystal has been chosen for its rarity, power & unique transformative ability.

Crystals by Essential Energies Online Store.

At Essential Energies we hand pick each crystal to make sure it is the best available for your needs. Each crystal is chosen for its clarity, beauty, unique energy & sometimes its rarity. Crystals can enhance your wellbeing, your focus & your awareness.

They are fundamentally the "light of creation" in physical form.

They facilitate transformation & evolution within you or your environment if you let them. Simply choose what best appeals to your eyes, your ears & your heart.

Let go popular convention, as to which crystal (s) you need & simply choose that which most attracts you.

We have 23 years experience selling crystals. Please enjoy our store !

Crystal Properties

Each crystal has a unique energy & differs subtly from others in its category, class or family. Even two simple tumble stones of the same crystal, say malachite, will differ slightly from each other & in how they can affect our energy.

On the following pages we detail both conventional explanations (Crystal Lore) of the various properties of crystals. As well as observations made by Nevine Z Rottinger the owner of Essential Energies. Twenty three years as a practicing intuitive,channelerr & healer have given her plenty ofopportunityy to observe & learn from the crystals themselves which unique properties they hold or offer.

We include this information for educational purposes only & recommend that it not override your natural affinity to a crystal when choosing which one to buy for yourself or another.

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