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Vibrational Essences, Elixirs and Crystals Online for all your requirements. Essential Energies Produces and supplies channelled Essences, Elixirs and Crystals to support every man woman and child and their destiny.

Vibrational Essences and Elixirs for all your requirements

Focus areas

Soul alignment Space clearing Life purpose Spiritual guidance F5 Metaphysics

Whenever you feel, you need some support in life or a boost in the right direction, but feel a little unsure where to start.

Then the easiest thing usually is to look at your life and ask the following;

      Do i need assistance with physical wellbeing?

      Do I want to feel more emotional wellness and balance?

      Do I need support in my relationships (intimate/ familial/ frienships) ?

      Do I need support in career or work related areas?

      Do I need to feel better about financial issues as I improve my situation?

      Do I just want to feel on track with my life?

    Do I feel very different to others, perhaps more like a human hybrid, Otherkin or Starperson?

Once you decide which area/areas you wish to focus on simply look up the attributes index for each of the ranges and search the right essence/elixir by looking for the key word closest to what you wish to enhance, say love, courage etc.

Below are the links to the attributes index for each range of essences.

Elixirs of Masculine Power >>>

Essence of the Goddess >>>

Essence of the Starchildren >>>

Elemental Elixirs >>>

Essential Energy Crystals >>>

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