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Servicing area: Cremorne, New South Wales

Esteem Solutions
Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
Napoleon Hill

Esteem Solutions

Esteem Solutions is a Sydney-based (Lower North Shore) natural therapy consultancy with particular emphasis on hypnotherapy. It was established to empower, support and assist clients who have a desire to improve their self-esteem, yet lack the confidence and the necessary skills to implement. The key benefit to clients is to help them to identify areas of their personal and business life where they would like to make positive changes and enhance their quality of stress-free living.

As our lives become increasingly frenetic, stress-free living sadly can be a somewhat unattainable option for many. Furthermore, some feel they lack skills; not sure what it is they want to achieve or how to go about changing their thinking. The preferred option for many is to put up with these impediments and adjust their lives to absorb these challenges instead of trying to find a positive alternative change. Esteem Solutions believes that the ultimate compliment a person can pay to themselves is to live life as they would wish!

Esteem Solutions is a consultancy that brings the joy back into clients lives by empowering them. From the initial conversation, providing the guidance to a find a suitable way forward to the hands-on practical assistance and education, and onto the co-ordination of how the client can benefit from the various modalities available.

Our mission is to ensure that each and every client has a pleasant, relaxing and beneficial experience. Esteem Solutions will take the confusion and guesswork out of bringing increased self-esteem into their lives, a wonderful boost in confidence and with the removal of difficult and annoying habits, make these a thing of the past. The experience of these balanced and exceptional therapy sessions is the formula for success. This, along with an understanding of a clients wishes and dreams will ultimately leave them free to enjoy their lives and their surroundings.

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About Sonya

What is Esteem?
What is esteem? You cant touch it, but it affects how you feel. You cant see it, but its there when you look in the mirror. You cant hear it, but its there every time you talk about yourself. What is it you ask? Its your self-esteem!

Building your esteem is an important step towards your happiness and a more enriched life. With it, you can truly be the person you wish to be. Having self-esteem will increase your confidence, with confidence you will respect yourself and others. This will go a long way to improving your relationships and becoming a happier, more balanced and accepting person.

Where does this esteem come from? It comes from several sources: From yourself, from others, family, friends and colleagues and lastly from your achievements.

By channelling your focus on the good things you do and all your great qualities, you will learn to love and accept yourself the very basis for strong self-esteem. In realising that you are valuable and important helps your esteem to grow and light up. Having good self-esteem is also the pathway to making good choices about your mind, body and a healthy lifestyle. Good self-esteem helps you know that every part of you is worth caring for and protecting.

Our self-esteem and self-image are developed by how we talk to ourselves. People with self-esteem have confidence in themselves and have the ability to solve problems rather than worry about them. They can confront or eliminate anything that frightens them. More importantly, they know how to nurture themselves, thus enabling happiness, success and achievement.

Good self-esteem is important because it helps you to hold your head high and feel proud of yourself and what you can do. It gives you the courage to try new things and the power to believe in yourself. It lets you respect yourself, even when times are tough and you may feel things are not going well. When you can respect yourself, others will follow.

Esteem Solutions can work with you to create and grow your self-esteem; to build on any part that you feel needs a boost, a fine-tune, a new direction. We can help you set reachable goals, help you prepare the steps towards your achievements and experience what its like to feel good about yourself. Call today for an appointment toward your future.

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Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis, an altered state of relaxation, to assist in accessing deeper levels of awareness. During hypnosis the mind is especially receptive to new ideas and is able to replace old ideas and unwanted habits quickly and permanently. Hypnotherapy is a strategic therapy aimed at providing rapid lasting solutions to everyday problems.

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, like being in a day-dream, in which your unconscious mind will accept positive suggestions. When your body is relaxed, your mind becomes calm and in a hypnotic state, you become much more receptive to change. Your unconscious mind is the control centre of the mind. It is responsible for your reactions, habits and behaviours. It is also the realm of your emotions and communicates with you through your feelings.

If you are able to relax and follow simple instructions then you can be receptive to hypnosis. Hypnosis enables your mind to focus concentration, producing a state of deep relaxation. You will not be unconscious, but you will feel deeply relaxed. You will be aware of everything around you in the session, and remember most, if not all that happened this is because your mind is in such a focused state. Occasionally clients do fall asleep and thats fine because the unconscious mind is always listening. Throughout this process, your mind is more open to suggestion allowing you to make changes in your perception and behaviour. Hypnosis can help make you sharper in your focus and more aware mentally. It can even make you more aware of your surroundings on a day-to-day basis. If your perception of what is happening around you is heightened, you will notice things that are happening to and around you with greater clarity and maybe that will allow you to make better decisions for yourself. Hypnosis is really a way of communicating with your unconscious mind. At the end of a session, you will very quickly feel refreshed, energised and alert, functioning as perfectly as you did at the beginning of the appointment.

Hypnosis can be an important tool to change the way your mind experiences your world. If ever there were an opportunity that could help you change anything about your life, health or behaviours, this might be it. This will gently release any block and fears you may have, create a new inner self-belief and dot all the points to make the changes in the way you think, feel and behave.

Hypnosis is a reliable and effective method to control habits. Sonya specialises in helping clients with:-

Addictions (cigarettes, alcohol), Insomnia, Weight loss and motivation to exercise, Anxieties, Fears and Phobias, Confidence issues, Self-esteem, Loss of motivation, Sports performance, Exam nerves, Stress management and relaxation, Nail biting, Increased concentration.

Most challenges can be dealt with in one session which lasts between an hour and one and a half hours. Some challenges such as eating disorders, procrastination and anxiety may extend to a couple of sessions. You can expect to see an immediate improvement for most things after the first session of hypnotherapy.

Our first contact is an ideal time to discuss your challenge, to outline what you would like to achieve and to answer any questions you may have about hypnosis. Call Sonya on the above number, 0400 821 343 to have an obligation free chat. It just may be the start of a new way of life. I look forward to talking with you.

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Time Line Therapy
Time Line Therapy is a therapeutic process in which a series of techniques are used to bring about changes on an unconscious level to promote and alter behaviour. The objective of this therapy is to help clients to reduce reactions to present situations based on experiences in their past.

A persons time line is how they unconsciously store memories or how they unconsciously know the difference between a past memory and a projection of the future. Any change to individual behaviour takes place at an unconscious level, people dont change consciously. The Time Line Therapy techniques allow you to work at the unconscious level and release the effects of past negative experiences and change inappropriate programming in minutes rather than days, months or years. This is a reprogramming process that releases the effects of negative experiences and helps clients let go of any influences from the past. It promotes living in the present, reduces fears and releases negative emotions based on memories that have been stored in the unconscious mind.

Time Line Therapy is a fast, successfully proven technique delivered over one or two sessions. It works with your unconscious mind to get to the root cause of the problem. By eliminating negative emotions in the correct order and removing limiting beliefs and phobias; success, and all this in a few hours. During the sessions, your values are realigned and you get a vision that helps you focus on your future goals. A lasting result that gets rid of any baggage that you may have been hauling around over the past years.

A Time Line Therapy process that can allow a client to find the root cause of an issue or an experience such as anger or sadness; and have that experience recoded by recovering memories that may have been deleted or distorted from the past. This is done by moving along the timeline to the present thus eliminating all the negative events in a fast, painless and effective manner along the way. It does not need the client to discuss in detail with the therapist or themselves these past memories, so it doesnt bring it all up again.

Time Line Therapy has been used to support and assist depression, fears and phobias, grief, procrastination, sadness and stagnation and apathy. Whether you are already succeeding in your profession, having some difficulties or if you are transitioning into a new position or area of your life, this technique can help you achieve, maintain and enhance your excellence.

Created and introduced by Dr. Tad James in 1988, Time Line Therapy is a technique that enables you to eliminate many types of issues from your past, allowing you to move forward toward to achieve your goals and desires.

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NLP is the abbreviation and the common term used for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Neuro focuses on the relationship between the mind and the body, i.e. how we organise our thoughts through our senses; sight, hearing, feeling, smell and taste. Linguistics describes the communication within and between individuals, i.e. their language patterns. Programming refers to the relationship between neurology and linguistics i.e. the way we organise our ideas and actions to produce results.

NLP has often been referred to as the toolkit for the mind. This toolkit or manual is based on the discovery that in changing how you think, you can change what you think in changing how and what you think, you can transform the results you create in your life.

NLP was founded in the early 1970s by Richard Bandler (a mathematician) and John Grindler (a linguist) both based in California. The question they had repeatedly asked themselves was What was the difference between somebody who was competent at any given skill and those who really excelled at the same skill?

After studying and modelling three pioneering experts in their own fields; Milton Erickson, Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir (Hypnosis, Gestalt, Psychology) using and studying the experts language and their thought processes, NLP was borne; an amazing range of transformational skills and techniques were uncovered.

The modality of NLP is broken down into simple techniques, used by master communicators and delivered in an easy do with format to clients. It is how external information can be processed internally resulting in certain behaviours. It is a goal orientated process that generates and leads to lasting and positive changes.

NLP is an art and a science. It is largely based on the idea that the sensory information around us is translated into thoughts and ideas which affect our state, physiology and behaviour and therefore our results. The language we use also affects our experience and the experience of others.

The purpose of NLP is to empower the client to find solutions to their everyday challenges such as anxiety, low motivation, low self-esteem and behavioural problems. NLP involves the client gaining mastery over their own mind, resolving any inner conflicts and releasing any negative programming from the past.

NLP can assist you to increase your ability to see, hear and feel things you were never aware of before; create compelling goals for yourself and allow you to manage your future; improve your self-confidence and resourcefulness and develop a more positive self image.

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Who is Sonya?
From my formative years and throughout my many business challenges and successes, I have always had an interest in personal development. The power of positive thinking was the mantra in my 20s world, yet I was to come into contact time and time again with many associates, colleagues and friends who struggled with just that, the lack of empowerment that would allow them to think about their world in a positive light always above the negative slant.

Enter the world of Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and NLP. The doors to a world of increased confidence, the ability to think in a masterly way and the removal of some deep seated mental challenges bought me the freedom to live my life in a totally different sphere. I loved and still do the fact that a short, innovative and gentle process, talked through with a qualified, supporting and knowledgeable therapist has the ability to change ones life all for the good.

When your thinking changes, your self-esteem grows and confidence levels allow you to do the things youve always wished for, just like mine did. You too will experience the freedom and joy that an unburdened life can allow you to blossom, live happily and congruently treat others and yourself with respect. You deserve everything you wish for imagination is just one of the tools of the trade, let me introduce you to many more.

I am originally from London and with over twenty-five years business experience in the corporate marketplace, I am well equipped to understand the stresses, pressures and challenges that are part and parcel of todays busy lifestyles.

I am passionate about helping my clients through hypnotherapy to achieve their goals, whether that be increasing their self-confidence, reducing anxiety or removing unwanted habits. There is a definite need in the workplace and beyond for the many benefits that hypnosis brings, developing motivation, removing unwanted habits, getting past procrastination or public speaking.

I hold a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and am a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and NLP. As a registered Clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA), I adhere to their strict code of ethics and confidentiality.

Central to my work is the quality of the relationship between my client and myself. I provide a confidential, safe and trusting environment in which my client is free to explore their challenges, ridding themselves of any limiting decisions and finding a totally positive way to move forward.

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