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Evonne Bennell ~ Craniosacral, Neurodevelopmental Therapy Brain Gym

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Simple Support for babies, children and adults…. 




Creating calm and supporting learning difficulites


 Primitive Reflex Integration & developmental milestone support with  Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy and movement solutions including Rhythmic Movement, sensory processing Technniques - Move to Learn, Kinesiology. 

Evonne Bennell ~ Craniosacral & Neurodevelopmental Therapy

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appointments in Warrawee & Crows Nest, New South Wales

Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Joy Nurturing Movement patterns Nervous system Stress management

Welcome to Evolve into Being 

Evonne offers several approaches to support your physical and emotional wellbeing.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

The beauty of BCST is its profound simplicity. An amazingly gentle, relaxing, and restorative therapy, making it suitable for mums to be, newborns, the young, adults and elders.

BCST is a client led approach. There is no pressure, no manipulation or adjustment but a gentle contact and your nervous system responds by settling into a rest and repair mode.   

Within this safe, still space, the body's own intelligence can initiate self repair, and move towards health.

BCST has been Evonne’s own go to therapy since the early 1990s, and therapist since 2008. From her own experience she has found BCST to:

    • Improved emotional resilience and regulation


    • Improved vitality and immunity


    • Reduced pain


    • Enhanced body awareness


    • Reduction in stress and response to trauma


Primitive Reflex Integration 

Primitive reflexes (PRs) are innate movement patterns, ignited in our embryonic and foetal development. They play a vital role in our birthing and early developmental milestones.

As PRs integrate as our nervous system maturity. They support:

    • Head control, feeding, rolling, crawling cruising to walking (postural stability and muscle organisation)


    • our readiness to focus and learn;


    • our emotional resilience and regulation;


    • sensory processing particularly vestibular, tone and proprioception and body awareness.  


Many of us have remnants of these active reflex patterns present, with little obvious impact. However, for some of us their presence may affect aspects of our physical, emotional, postural and behavioural development.

    •  eye coordination


    • Sensory challenges and motion sickness,


Evolve into Being, Evonne's ‘gentle enhancement approach’, offers the gradual drawing our process of change.

Babies and children with developmental milestone delays or struggling to learn often have remnants of a number of active PRs. 

Drawing from BCST and movement programs (RMT, isometrics, etc) can support their organisation and integration and allow you to reach your full potential.

You or your child could benefit from PR integration support:     

    • Your baby or child requires milestone support -developmental milestone delays


    • Your pre-schooler isn’t quite school ready?


    • Your child is struggling at school?


    • Finding little joy in learning


    • Potential unfulfilled?


    • Tired, stressed, anxious or disorganised?


    • Clumsy, poor hand eye coordination


    • Poor gross and fine motor control 


    • Poor balance, dizziness and motion sickness


Combined with BCST and neurodevelopmental therapy, Evonne offers both one on one therapy and home programs for PR integration and sensory support.

The journey for those with neuromotor or development issues can be challenging emotionally and physically. A nurturing client focused approach supports babies, children or adults to develop and grow into Being at their own pace.

Movement Solutions often start with 1- 2 minutes a day with profound changes. For more information visit www.evonnebennell.com

Movement Solutions often start with 1- 2 minutes a day with profound changes. For more information visit www.evonnebennell.com

About Evonne Bennell

Evonne Bennell is a Neuro-development specialist, biodynamic craniosacral therapist and kinesiologist. Her experience of development disorganisation is an extremely personal one, and in searching for answers and help for herself and her family she has spent the past 20 years both educating and practicing.

Evonne offers movement solution low cost home therapy programs to minimise costs and maximise outcomes. The program is customised to meet the needs of the client , usuaully only requiring a few minutes each day.

Evonne draws from a number of primitive reflex integration and movement based programs such as:

    • Rhythmic Movement Training


    • MNRI  


    • Movement Based Learning 


    • Move to Learn 




    • acupressure 


    • kinesiology - educational- APEC


    • infant massage techniques 



Call or email today for more information about BCST, primitive reflex integration and neurodevelopmental therapy for you or your child!

Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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