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James Wong therapist on Natural Therapy Pages
Member since 2018

James Wong

Excel Podiatry Clinic

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A Podiatrist, also known as a Podiatric physician or "Foot & Ankle Doctor", is a medical professional who is devoted to the study of and, the medical treatment and management of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower extremity.

Excel Podiatry Clinic

Focus areas

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At Excel Podiatry Clinic, we will assess, advice, recommend management and treatment options for your lower extremities and Feet & Ankle problems. We also have an especially important role in maintaining the mobility of many elderly and disabled people and people with special health care needs through the ongoing monitoring of foot health, in particular those with circulation problems and diabetes.

Some of the common conditions that can be seen within a podiatric practice are:

  • General Foot and Ankle Pains

  • Corns & Calluses & Blisters

  • Flat Feet, High Arched Feet ​ 

  • Sport injuries

  • Heel Pains/ Heel Spur

  • Ingrown Toe Nails and Warts

  • Fungal Nail and Skin Infections

  • Foot Lumps and Bumps: Bunions, Ganglionic Cysts​

  • And others... 


Diabetic Foot Assessment
Diabetes can lead to a number of serious foot-related conditions. Some of the issues we encounter are: poor circulation (Peripheral Vascular Disease), reduced feeling of the feet (Peripheral Neuropathy), increased risk of infection, decreased healing ability of the skin, wounds/ulcerations and in more serious cases, amputation.Podiatrists play a vital role in assessing, preventing, treating and educating those patients with Diabetes. It is important for people with Diabetes to see a Podiatrist for general foot care and education on the link between Diabetes and foot health at least once/twice per year.

If you have Diabetes, you should be seen by a Podiatrist regularly. Please check if you are eligible for a Chronic Management Plan from your GP.

Services commonly performed for Diabetic Foot Care at our clinic include:

  • Diabetic Foot Assessment, Treatment & Management

  • Arterial Examination (with a doppler ultrasound device and Ankle-Brachial Index)

  • Neurological Assessment

  • Orthotic Management

  • General Foot Care

  • Footwear Assessment

  • Wound Management

  • Patient Education

Dry Needling
Dry Needling is a western term for the insertion of acupuncture needles into the muscle that was presented with active/ latent myofascial trigger point in order to relieve pain and muscle tension. Trigger points are hyper-irritable, taut bands of muscle and these can cause the tissue to become shortened, tighten or spasm. This can cause postural and chronic pain problems and cramps. Dry needling could also be applied superficially in the skin for many chronic pain conditions such as osteoarthritis and peripheral neuropathy.  The treatment is thought to stimulate a local inflammatory response, as well as interrupting the transmission of pain signals in the nerve through pain gate channels, thus decreasing painful symptoms.

Foot Mobilisation Techniques (FMT) 
FMT involves gentle, pain free mobilization of specific foot and ankle joints that have become stiff and lack normal movement. Each joint is mobilized in a logical order, which may vary depending on the patients symptoms. Regular FMT aims to gradually restore proper movement and get the feet working the way they should. When your feet function correctly, pain reduction follows.  
FMT works best when it is combined with stretching and strengthening exercises and it can be a very powerful treatment option when done correctly. 

Note: Prior to FMT treatment, all new patients must have an initial biomechanical assessment to determine their specific cause of their foot problem and if their are indicate for FMT.

Fungus Nails Treatment/Onychomycosis
Onychomycosis is a contagious fungal infection of the toe nails that affects about 6-14% of the adult population and is most common after age 60. These fungal infections can occur when one of a number of types of microscopic fungi gain entry (usually through damage or trauma) to the nail, then grow and spread in the warm, moist environment inside socks and shoes.
Fungal infections can be very difficult to eradicate. As such, prevention is always better than a cure. If you do develop toenail fungus, call Excel Podiatry Clinic. We can take a sample for analysis, reduce or file off as much of the infected nail as possible and recommend treatments that is best for you.
Treatment ranges from; high level 1064nm laser therapy- topical antifungal cream application etc

Ingrown Toenails Treatment
Ingrown nails are painful and can lead to infection if not managed properly. Conservative care often includes simply cutting/trimming the offending spicule or portion of the nail. If required (ie recurrent or severe cases) only then; possible partial nail avulsion surgery with phenolisation can be discussed and performed by the podiatrist on the day to removed the Ingrowing toenails permanently as a long term solution. 

Warts Treatment
A warty lesion can often be misdiagnosed as a corn (calluses -hard,dead skin).
Warty lesion is a thickened callous like growth caused by the human papilloma virus. The infection occurs in the superficial layer of the skin. Sharp/tender pain can sometime be felt with a wart lesion. Plantar warts can be seen in all age groups but commonly affecting children and adolescents.
At Excel Podiatry clinic, we offer great range of treatment methods for the warty lesions; ranging from Acid application, liquid nitrogen applications, silver nitrate stick applications, needling techniques, laser therapy and Wart curettage surgery. 

Biomechanical examination and Gait analysis
Our Podiatrists often performed a full biomechanical assessment & gait analysis on the patient to identify the cause and the root of weight-bearing injuries. This involves the Podiatrist examining and studying the way you walk, assessing your overall gait patterns, checking for muscles activation and joint range of motions.

Custom-made/ Over the counter Orthotic Therapy
​At Excel Podiatry Clinic, we would use orthotics to treat different range of foot and ankle conditions. Orthotics are commonly prescribed as a preventative and treatment tools to avoid further severe foot and ankle pain or problems. For Examples;

-Plantar fasciitis/ Heel pain syndromes/ spurs
-Pes Planus (flat feet)/ Pes cavus (high arches)
-Children’s flat feet & intoeing
-Limb length discrepancies
-Arthritic related foot and ankle conditions
-Achilles Tendonitis
-Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
-Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (Shin splints)
-Offload High Pressure Regions
-Morton’s Neuroma

​Home Visit Services
Excel Podiatry Clinic is now offering podiatry services for patients who, due to the nature of their medical condition and/or immobility, are unable to attend a podiatry clinic.

​Note: Services are often pre-arranged with the podiatrist and often after hours and flexible to suit the time scheduled.

If you have any other concerns or problems not listed here, please don't hesitate to come see us today

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