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Fertile Concepts

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At Fertile Concepts we use acupuncture, natural medicine, yoga and meditation to optimise your health to improve conception, support pregnancy and prepare you for birth or motherhood.

Fertile Concepts

Focus areas

Lifestyle Pregnancy support Postnatal support Stress management Childbirth Natural medicine

Welcome to the Fertile Concepts

Natural and Holistic Approach

We take your health very seriously and provide links to evidenced based research from medical journals, demonstrating the effectiveness of acupuncture in many different cases. Fertile Concepts combines ancient healing techniques strengthened by scientific data to provide you with a natural, gentle approach to overcome issues of infertility, side effects of pregnancy and support during motherhood.

Unmatched Support for Clients

Fertile Concepts combines traditional acupuncture techniques and Western medicine perspective to address the needs of both men and women with fertility issues. We have taken great steps to learn the practices to ensure optimal health during fertilisation, pregnancy, and post-natal care. Whether you are suffering from ovulation problems or sperm quality issues, or simply looking for information about healthy pregnancy and childbirth, Fertile Concepts will support you all throughout the process.

Experience a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

Contact us to get more information about our acupuncture treatments and find out how we can assist with your situation. We will be more than glad to discuss your options and make sure you experience a happy and healthy pregnancy!


Over two thousand years ago the Chinese developed a unique system of medicine based on the balance and flow of the body’s vital energy or ‘qi’ (pronounced chee). Qi circulates throughout the body along pathways known as meridians that lead to and nourish all the organs. When there is an imbalance or blockage in the flow of qi, this can lead to health problems from an inadequate supply of vital energy reaching muscles, organs, tissues and cells. Factors that affect the flow of qi include emotional energy (eg. stress), nutrition, weather/seasons, environmental toxins/pollution, illness, exercise, sexual activity and personal constitution.

Our treatments restore the flow of qi in meridians and balance of Yin and Yang to regain health, so the body can function optimally, without discomfort or pain. TCM not only aims to treat the signs and symptoms at diagnosis, but also focuses on the underlying cause of disharmony, emphasising ‘prevention’ of disease as the best way to heal. Where required other TCM techniques are also used to in conjunction with acupuncture to enhance the effect and include natural medicine (herbal, vitamins, minerals), tuina massage, moxibustion and cupping.

Inserting very fine, sterile needles into specific points along the meridians clears any blockages, allowing qi and blood to flow freely again.


Preparing for a Baby

  • Women’s Health (gynaecology)

  • Men’s Health (sperm quality: count, motility, morphology)

  • Diet (nutrition, alcohol, caffeine)

  • Lifestyle (stress, sleep, smoking, body weight, exercise, toxins)

Improving Fertility

  • Natural Conception

  • Assisted Reproductive Technology (Clomid/IUI/IVF)

Pregnancy and Birth

  • Treatment of Pregnancy Related Conditions

  • Preparing For Labour

  • Acupressure During Labour

  • Labour Induction

Post Natal Care

  • Treatment of Postnatal Conditions for New Mothers

General Health

  • Muscular Skeletal

  • Emotional Health

  • Digestive Health

  • WHO data


  • Fertility Yoga

  • Pregnancy Yoga

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