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Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Fitzroy Chinese Medicine Clinic

Catherine Riva

269a Brunswick St
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Servicing area: Fitzroy, Victoria

Fitzroy Chinese medicine clinic has been dedicated to caring for people of all ages from the local community and beyond for 31 years.

Fitzroy Chinese Medicine Clinic-Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our philosophy is a commitment to our clients to provide access to information and resources so you can make informed and proactive choices about your health care.

What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive system of healing developed over thousands of years. It incorporates the use of:

  • Acupuncture

  • Massage

  • Cupping

  • Herbs

  • Moxibustion

  • Exercise

  • Dietary advice

to promote the healing of disease and the maintenance of health.

The treatment aims to bring balance to the patient and harmony within their environment to facilitate a long, healthy and enjoyable life.

Conditions That Can Be Treated

Many problems can be alleviated and treated with Chinese Medicine. These include:

  • Hay fever

  • Rhinitis and asthma

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Arthritis and inflammatory conditions

  • Morning sickness

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Chronic headaches

  • Menstrual problems and oncology support just to mention a few.

More Information About The Conditions We Treat

Examples of conditions treated at Fitzroy Chinese Medical Centre include:


Many health and behavioural issues encountered by the parents of babies, toddlers and youth are easily resolved when approached through the framework of Chinese Medicine. Problems such as colic, insomnia, constant crying, and skin rashes can usually be cured with a few treatments and some simple advice.

The illnesses found in early childhood such as measles, chickenpox, mumps, recurrent fevers and ear infections are all reduced in severity and duration without the potential side effects of drug based therapies. Even longer-term issues ranging from bed-wetting and asthma to ADHD and some forms of autism respond remarkably well when treated with Chinese Medicine.


Both acupuncture and Chinese herbs are extremely effective in treating arthritis and inflammatory diseases. Acupuncture is an extremely effective tool in pain management and often the treatment of choice, yielding excellent results in both acute and chronic cases. Acute cases frequently resolve with only a few treatments. However, the majority of patients we see with these problems present with chronic history and these cases can require more long term treatment.


Gynecology, Fertility and Obstetrics patients are frequently treated in our clinic with excellent outcomes. If your baby is over due and you want to try and avoid an induction or c-section contact Catherine to see if acupuncture can help you.


We believe a collaborative approach to oncology support can frequently assist in positive outcomes to patient comfort, pain management and longer term prognosis. Muscular skeletal, sports injuries and a variety of traumatic injures are treated daily in our clinic with great results.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

Qualification Details

Catherine Riva's Qualifications
  • B.H.Sc (TCM)
  • CMRB

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