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Free To Be Kinesiology

Katie Bailey

Fremantle WA 6160

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Free To Be Kinesiology

Time To Create Your Best Life:

Be guided through tools and techniques that will help you live your best life.

Kinesiology & Crystal Healing Services

Why Choose Free To Be Kinesiology?

Are you ready to create your best life? Are you ready to allow yourself the opportunity to live, create, and play in this magnificent universe filled with endless possibilities?

It is time to reclaim your power. It is time to affirm to this magical universe that you are magical. Shout it from the rooftops and allow your own personal magic to unfold.

My name is Katie Bailey, and I am a qualified kinesiologist and crystal healing practitioner. I am here to show you how you can trust your own journey and listen to your inner wisdom so you can create your best life.

I have seen magic happen with my clients. I am so proud of them for committing to themselves, for wanting better for themselves, and for taking the chance to believe in their own magic.

Know that it is time. The time is now. It is your time. Every moment is a moment to change and to honour yourself and your inner magic.

Stop the struggle and pledge allegiance to the most important thing in this world: YOU.

You will learn that, when you love and honour yourself, it fills you up and gives you the opportunity to love and honour others. This comes from a place of love and compassion and, with this, we do our part to raise the consciousness of this world and create peace for all humanity.

So, I say to you, join me so we can go forth with a fearless heart. Let there be no more fear in your heart, your essence, and your being. Go forth with a fearless heart and allow your imagination to inspire you to create your best life ️

What Services Can You Gain?

Kinesiology Balance

Come and get balanced and start feeling great through kinesiology tools and techniques that I will be guiding you through.

One-On-One Crystal Meditation

These sessions are aimed for deep relaxation, for mind, body and soul. These sessions also are set with an intention for any healing that needs to take place.

Request  your booking now so I can show you how to create your best life with a fearless heart.


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Qualified Kinesiologist
Crystal Healing Practitioner

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Kinesiology & Crystal Healing Services