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If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired you can help yourself by learning and practising the BUTEYKO BREATHING TECHNIQUE.


Focus areas

Health issues Labour Motivation Joy Circulation Headaches

It is a unique system of breathing reconditioning developed by a Russian respiratory specialist Professor KONSTANTIN BUTEYKO who treated and cured without medication such conditions as:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Skin problems
  • Digestive tract disorders
  • Sleep problems insomnia, sleep apnoea, snoring
  • Anxiety & panic attacks
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression

Buteyko Method can help to give up smoking as well as being very beneficial for pregnancy, labour and the development of intellectual and physical condition of the baby and child in the future.

The method brings into balance blood pressure, metabolic rate, improves blood circulation, induces weight loss, increases fitness level.

The course is taught by BIBH registered practitioner and experienced instructor FRIEDA BELAKHOVA. Mobile: 0403 040 942 or email The course can also be taught via Skype.


"I had my first Buteyko Skype session with Frieda on 23/11/2013 when I told her about my health issues. I had suffered from asthma my entire life and even nearly died after an attack that left me in hospital for two weeks with a breathing mask over my face. For my asthma I took two different types of inhalers, one daily morning and night and another type for sport and emergencies. I had suffered from severe eczema on my hands for the past four years. Touching shampoo, hand wash etc was unbearably painful. I took steroid and non steroid creams for this. I was on antihistamine daily for my allergies. My monthly periods couldn't have been more painful. I tried the pill to ease the pain but then came off it as it had a negative affect on my mood. So I relied on two paracetomal and two ibuprofen every four hours (recommended by a doctor) just to get me through my period. If on a rare occasion my period came when I didn't have my painkillers on me I would vomit and all sorts of other nastiness just from the pain.

It sounds like magic, but only two months after that first day, on our last Skype session on 24/1/2014 I was free from all of the above illnesses. Magic? No it was all thanks to Frieda and Buteyko. I am COMPLETELY free from asthma, eczema, allergies and period pain. I don't take any medication what. so. ever! Guess what? I had bonuses too! I eat less, need less sleep and have more energy! I even lost half a stone. I'm less of an anxious person and even my mother commented on how happier I am.

I believe that teaching Buteyko through Skype is a great and efficient way for the client and Practitioner to meet. Especially since I started the Buteyko Skype sessions in the UK, then travelling to Hong Kong, Malaysia and China before having the last session back in the UK. It was surprisingly convenient. But most of all I have to thank Frieda for her perfect teaching. She has a kind, gentle, humorous and no nonsense approach to getting results. And isn't that what we all want? Results? If you want results (and a beautiful, fun and loving journey to getting there) you want Frieda. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

HELENA LAWTON ( EFT and MR Practitioner, 22) Chorley, North West of UK

I had been suffering for more than a decade around the year from allergic reactions like continuous sneezing for hours, runny nose, later eczema and asthma. The Buteyko instructor Frieda Belakhova gave me much courage and confidence to believe that if I followed her instructions I would recover. And I did.

My level of energy increased, the sneezing vanished completely, my need for medication reduced. After 3 months I was 100% off all medication. If Buteyko could work for me, it can work for anybody. I am eternally grateful to Frieda for giving me tons of motivation throughout the course. I enjoy my life now!

SUNIL DOSHI (computer analyst, 28) Manly NSW

I had had asthma since I was 3. I always had a blocked nose in the morning, pains in my legs especially after playing sports, and restless sleep, so after 10-11 hours sleep I woke up tired and lethargic. I now wake up earlier but feel a lot more energised. Pains in my legs vanished.
Buteyko breathing is the best thing that has happened to me. Everything that Frieda said would happen has come true. Now I am free of asthma, medication and feel great.
Thank you, mum, Frieda and Buteyko!

HANNAH SICLAIR (school girl, 11) Randwick NSW

Before starting on Buteyko breathing I had been receiving treatment for depression and anxiety for at least 6 years. I could not believe it when I started feeling calmer and more in control of my feelings only a few days after starting the training in Buteyko breathing. My workmates all commented on how I had returned to being enthusiastic about work and life in general. With my doctors blessing I gradually cut down my medication. So I am now drug free for the first time in years.

Since starting Buteyko breathing my skin has improved, I hardly ever have headaches, my sinuses cleared, I dont get sick worrying about things, I am able to sleep soundly and havent had a sore neck as before.

I am very grateful to the colleague who introduced me to Frieda who is such a positive guide and the method.

KAREN WOOD (school teacher, 47) Shire NSW

I decided to try Buteyko breathing with Frieda Belakhova in the hope that it would help alleviate the problems I suffered with Reynauds Syndrome (poor blood circulation in hands and feet requiring wearing gloves in bed in winter). I also hoped it could delay the onset of menopause as my menstrual cycle had changed from 28 days to a 23-day cycle.

Within one month, my blood circulation improved, my period is back to normal, my skin appears clearer and less tired-looking and I can cope with stressful situations without becoming physically drained. To me the emotional benefits have been as profound as physical.

Frieda is genuine, compassionate, empathetic and a most sincere, caring person with a delightful sense of humour. I have gained so much from the time I spent with her.

KAREN FERGUSON (school teacher, 47) Sutherland NSW

I suffered from disrupted breathing patterns during the night: snoring, periods of no breathing and gasping for breath. I also suffered from a constantly blocked nose and tingling in my fingers and would relieve myself only once a day.

Since doing the course in Buteyko breathing I have noticed that my sleep has improved, my metabolic rate has changed and I have lost 3 kilos as well as going to the toilet 2-3 times a day. The tingling in my fingers has gone, my blocked nose has improved substantially, my taste for food has changed and I feel full sooner.

I recommend Frieda to anyone seeking to improve their general wellbeing. Her manner and professionalism is of the highest order.

PATRICIA SOULELES (housewife, 53) Rockdale NSW

I began Buteyko Breathing with Frieda on 18th February 2013 and it was probably a last ditch effort.
Thirteen years ago I was involved in a car accident and received enough damage to my body to set off a cascade of very unwelcome symptoms. So began my journey to find answers. After seeing some 50 different doctors and practitioners and endless hours searching the internet I ended up at Friedas door to see if retraining my breathing was the answer. Interestingly, many years ago a doctor suggested that many of my symptoms were the result of chronic hyperventilation, but as anyone can imagine suggesting that breathing incorrectly could cause physical symptoms I quickly dismissed his diagnosis. How wrong can one be? If only I had listened.

I am only in the beginning stages of my lifelong journey into breathing correctly but I can already see positive improvements. My hands and feet are no longer ice cold and my tendency to startle easily has significantly diminished. My palpitations have settled and I feel calmer. Most surprising is my dizziness, which has been a constant companion for years, has largely disappeared.
I am encouraged ( and surprised) by these results as I can be very sceptical about just about anything that promises lots as I have been to every one of those doors over the past thirteen years. I now know for sure that I wasn't crazy, I was just hyperventilating.

Frieda is the perfect coach. She is encouraging, supportive and available. She has given me the tools to continue to improve my health and the promise of help if needed.
Thank you, Frieda.

PENE MITCHELL (teacher, 62) Shire NSW

I had suffered from chronic sinusitis for more than 40 years when I consulted Frieda. In six weeks my condition had completely resolved. All the steroids (oral and sprays), crazy diets and my four nasal surgeries are a distant memory. it's hard to believe that I now have a full sense of smell, something I really haven't experienced in my adult life. Most importantly, I now enjoy conversing with people without feeling like I have a peg on my nose. My only regret is that I didn't try Buteyko breathing years ago.

Frieda has been the perfect instructor for me. My motivation was never in doubt but after all the years of unsuccessfully trying so many different remedies, Frieda's knowledge and reassurances gave me the belief I needed. I can't thank Frieda enough for the significant change that has taken place in my life.

Phil Logan (lawyer, 59 Drummoyne NSW. September 2019.

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