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Meditation one-on-one instruction for beginners and CDs with a focus on fertility

Gina Fox at Fertile Ground - Meditation

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Meditation Services

Over the years in clinical practice I have seen that many health issues have a stress component and stress management is part of the treatment of many clients. I have completed a meditation teacher training with the widely respected Ian Gawler Foundation and offer meditation training as part of a stress management program.

Meditation has emerged as one of the most powerful self-help tools for sustaining and regaining good health. Meditation has been shown to be a gentle yet powerful tool to help reduce anxiety and depression and manage stress, as well as improve concentration and performance, enhance immunity, fertility and general health. Regular meditation practice facilitates inner contentment, joy and clarity.

Guided relaxation CDs for conception

Gina Fox and Charmaine Dennis have produced a Be Fertile series of CDs to support women trying to conceive. In the series:
Guided relaxation for IVF
Guided relaxation for natural conception
Guided relaxation for early pregnancy

Guide relaxation for Male Fertility

Guided relaxation for sleep and various guided relaxations to support pregnancy.  To learn more or to buy a CD or download please go to


I currently offer a one-on-one meditation instruction designed to help you start to meditate regularly and to give you techniques to help reduce stress in everyday situations. The meditation and mindfulness techniques taught are specific for stress management and to improve mental and physical health.

For more information about purchasing a CD you can visit the Be Fertile website or just call!

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