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Various healing techniques offered to help you deal with any type of issues or negativity you have in your life.

Shamanic Healing, Ancestral Healing, Soul Retrievals, Extraction/Spirit Release

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Gold Coast QLD

Focus areas

Life purpose Stress Management Love Metaphysics Reconnection Soul work

Shamanic Healing

We offer the following services:

  • Shamanic Healing
  • Shamanic Retrievals
  • Power Animal Retrievals for loss of power and life force
  • Divination Work, Ceremonies and Rituals

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral wounding is caused by the energetic ties to our past ancestors who endured hardships, pain and emotional traumas during their lifetime but were unable to resolve them prior to their death, resulting in these energetic wounds being passed down the ancestral linage from one generation to the next.

Similar to like many of our own soul’s, which can carry pains and experiences from one lifetime into the next our families do as well, and as the newest members of our lineage we have agreed to take on some of these burdens during our soul contract negotiations into our own lives with the hope that we may be able to resolve some of these issues.

From a shamanic point of view any unresolved family traumas, even from the distant past can cause energetic obstacles and roadblocks in the present day that can cause a disconnect to our true self, our happiness and our well being.

These ties often feel like a curse, and can be so strong that they leave us with feelings of being stuck in our life with the repetition of continuous cycles that seem to have no way out or no end. These cycles often can manifest into various disorders and family diseases.

Each family can carry cycles of similar issues such as:

  • Alcoholism/ Addiction
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Eating disorders and/or Obesity
  • Feeling stuck in one’s life

We all have fears that we are turning into our parents, and if you have noticed the repeating of patterns from one generation to the next, ancestral healing may be for you.

Ancestral healing can break the reoccurring ancestral patterns that hold us in the now opening us up to new potentials to clear the slate for us, our children and their future descendants.

Benefits of Ancestral Healing
  • The breaking of ancestral obstacles that bind us
  • Recovery from illness and physical limitations
  • A new spaciousness in life
  • Reconnection of family members who may not of spoken for sometime or a deeper understanding and acceptance of the clans situation
  • Realization of ones life purpose and new found drive for it
  • Releasing of patterns / behaviours that no longer serve us  

Soul Retrievals

Soul Retrieval is one of the most sacred and beautiful types of work within the Shamanic Modality. In this work the shaman is directly searching, interacting, recovering and infusing the holiest aspect of another being. Soul Retrieval restores one’s own vital essence, or soul parts, that had left or fragmented as a natural coping mechanism to the shock and trauma of life’s many incidents.

Causes of Soul Loss
  • Abuse e.g. sexual, physical, or emotional
  • Accidents or traumatic events
  • Loss of a loved one or divorce
  • Surgery
  • Acting against our morals
  • Addictions
  • Near Death Experiences
  • Natural Disasters
  • Victim of a terrorist act

Other causes of soul loss that may occur are a result from what is known as ‘Gifted or Taken’ soul parts. This is experienced in cases of abuse, issues of power over another, jealousy and may also occur through the gifting of soul parts in cases of love between two people. This tends to happen due to ignorance, compassion, a lack of boundaries or a abusive power dynamic within the sexual relationship. It is not uncommon to give away soul parts. Anytime a part of our soul is with another it becomes a burden to them, and a loss for us

Symptoms of Soul Loss
  • Chronic depression
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling Lost or stuck in ones life
  • Lack of Physical or Emotional Energy
  • Memory loss
  • Addictions e.g. Drug & Alcohol, food, sex, relationships, work and or compulsive purchasing
  • Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
  • Troubled Relationships
  • Unresolved Grief
  • Chronic Illness
  • Co-dependency
  • Coma

Extraction/Spirit Release

Sometimes energies known as spiritual intrusions become lodged in the human auric field. This causes localized trauma and is experienced physically through discomfort, illness or emotionally through fear and anger.

If left untreated these can overtime manifest and have secondary effects on a person’s life through pain complaints, social problems or psychological issues.

Whilst in a trance the Shamanic Practitioner with the assistance of a spirit guide can locate these intrusions and remove them from the energy field. The Shaman will do this in a number of ways. He will transmute the negative energy and then fill the void with harmonious healing energy. Once this is done the shaman will then seal off the client’s energy field.

Why Intrusions occur
  • Psychic Attack
  • Hostile Thoughts
  • Negative Thoughts and or Emotions
  • Criticism
  • Heavy/Dense Energetic Imprints
  • Curses

Spirit Release

Spirit release or compassionate de-possession frees one’s own energy field of spirit attachments. These may have become entangled in your energy field and are overshadowing your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and even memories. This is generally known as “possession illness”.

If a spirit or entity attachment has been present for some time, we may not be able to differentiate the thoughts, emotions and behaviors as being separate from our own.

Physical/Mental/Emotional symptoms of Spirit Attachment and or being Overshadowed include:

  • Noticeable but sometimes subtle changes in behavior or personality
  • Unfamiliar reactions to familiar situations
  • Sudden onset of unusual cravings, compulsions and or addictions
  • Confusion
  • Apathy/Procrastination
  • Illness
  • Feeling another presence within or around you
  • Feeling constantly tired and unnaturally drained of energy
  • Sudden onset of acute anxiety or depression
  • Memory lapses or past life recollections that are not your own

During the compassionate de-possession the shamanic practitioner works to convince the attached discarnate spirit that it would benefit from leaving it’s host and transcending to it’s next stage of existence. This enables the person to begin their work in regaining wholeness and empowerment.


Cording is known as energy links being bound or attached in some way to another being, living or deceased.

This generally occurs in dysfunctional relationships, indicated by extremely positive or negative feelings for someone. Often where the dynamic is unbalanced and unhealthy this prevents either party from being able to comfortably express themselves in their own full powerful.

Uncording or the ‘cutting of cords’, is where the shamanic practitioner will detach/severe the energetic cords between two people. Thus freeing each person from fearful attachment and allowing full power to return to the individual/s.

Chakra Re- Illumination

Chakra Re-Illumination brings forth immense healing by releasing the toxic energy blocks held within the Chakra’s. This is caused by life traumas, fears, injuries, and old belief structures which have now manifested into illness or disease within the body.

By tracking the energy of original wound held in the emotional or mental bodies and the correlating chakra, the re-illumination healing combusts and removes the toxic sludge, energy and re-illuminates the blue print of the chakra. Thus bringing forth the bodies energetic systems back into balance, creating health, harmony and well being.

Benefits of Chakra Re-Illumination
  • Rejuvenates and strengthens Immune response
  • Physical healing is accelerated
  • Alleviates Pain
  • Release cycles of self-inflicted suffering
  • Change negative emotions and behaviors
  • Strengthens our energetic field
  • Gain a deeper love and joy for one’s self
  • Increases health and longevity
  • Increase passion (zest) for life
  • Growth emotionally and spiritually

Power Animal Retrieval

We all have guardian spirits and they come in many forms. Power Animals are spirit guides in animal form that come to us with the aim to return and increase our personal power and vitality. A retrieval of one’s power animal or spiritual power can remedy a loss of dis-spiritedness or life force, vitality and power bringing about direction, clarity, centeredness and general well being.

Symptoms of power loss
  • Fatigue/ Lethargy
  • Chronic illness
  • Depression
  • Accidents or;
  • Consistent patterns of bad luck

The return of ones Power Animal offers us protection. This occurs by returning our personal power which keeps us healthy on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Shamanic Distance Healing

Time and space are relative in the Shamanic belief system, just as they are comparable to the time and space that is talked of in science within the field of Quantum Physics.

Basically this means time is not set in stone but flexible and changeable. This allows the shamanic healer through distance healing to journey to where the client is in everyday reality. The shaman is able to perform the healing work on the client in a similar fashion, as to what they would do if they were together in the physical form.

The distance healing work that I specialize in is:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • De-cording (energy cord removal)

I do offer a number of other healing modalities in distance work but this is a case by case scenario. This will only be considered at the time for each individual.

Due to the complexity of this type of healing work there needs to be in-depth communication prior to the work commencing. This will be to organize the healing time, what is actually required and any considerations to safety and ethical dilemmas.

We incorporate Facetime or Skype into these sessions. All sessions are to be paid 24hrs prior to the day that the healing work is due to commence.


Name Day Ceremonies

Shamanic name day ceremonies are fun, relaxed and individually catered to you and your babies needs. This creates a special ceremony unique to you and your family. These ceremonies are not a Baptism or Christening and are free of the major religious dogma.

Name day ceremonies are a blessing ceremony that sanctifies the child’s soul. During the ceremony your child will be blessed with the four elements of the earth, while recognizing your babies natural state of grace and welcoming your baby into your community.

These wonderful ceremonies can take place in any location of your choosing. Such as your backyard, the park, the beach or any place significant to you and your family (preferably in nature).

House & Land Blessings

These rituals are a great way to bless the land prior to construction of a new dwelling or cleanse and bless a house of an existing dwelling prior to relocating into it as a new residence.

The house blessing removes the past energies or spirits attached to the house allowing you to start anew with a positive fresh beginning. A land blessing calls on the spirits of the land to bring forth a harmonious energy and well being to the occupants of the land.

Solar & Lunar Cycle Ceremonies - Release Ceremonies

Solar and Lunar release ceremonies use the natural power of Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon to release any negative attachments that you may have.

Negative attachments can contribute to un-wellness in your being and disharmony. These ceremonies bring about healing and balance, returning you to your full vitality.

Solar and Lunar ceremonies we offer are

  • Morning Sun Release
  • New Moon

Last Aid

Last aid is spiritual help geared towards the terminally ill or aged persons moving toward the end of their life cycle, preparing for their next transition to the afterlife.

This compassionate aid prepares one for the dying process. Allowing the dying to release many of their natural fears, pains, attachments, and some of their life’s regrets, through the recapitulation process and the power of forgiveness.

This practice allows the individual to create a vast space of immense peace and unconditional love, ultimately to cross over consciously. The pre-death practice creates a sacred space for family, friends and loved-ones to share and spend the most important time of one’s life together as they move towards the last stages of their journey back home.

Practices used during Last Aid can be catered to the individual’s religious beliefs and use meditation practices such as

  • Centeredness and Mindfulness
  • Tonglen (the compassionate power of giving and receiving)
  • Phowa- (the transference of consciousness)
  • as well as incorporating ceremonies like The Death Lodge.

The Death Lodge is where we dismember any fears of dying and open up safe loving lines of communication between the terminal and their loved ones. Thus allowing for real expressions of wants and needs in this trying time.

As the time arrives through Last Aid we call towards the dying their spiritual guides whether they are religious saints or their own ancestral spirit guides (pyschopomp beings) to come, open the portal and move them into their birthright of death and guide them home.

This time in every families life is very taxing on all, especially the loved ones left behind. Last aid offers love, care, guidance and practices for the family and loved ones of the deceased to help them understand and transition during this time.

Last Aid is the essential practice of dying consciously, that has often been overlooked in our modern western society. It is every human beings right to be able to cross over free of attachment/s and in a space of unconditional love, peace and contentment.


The breathing technique used during a rebirthing asists in the dissolution of suppressed negative patterns of energy that are held by your body and subconscious mind.

It is a simple, safe, and efficient technique and the process is guided by a therapist, opening up blockages to promote deep levels of peace, healing, happiness and ultimately bliss.

Rebirthing can assist you on your path of overcoming concerns relating to birth, infancy, childhood, and adolescence that have been suppressed, and have manifested in your adult life as ‘FEAR’.

  • Restores linkage between body and mind
  • Mind and body become healthier
  • Increases individual power
  • Empowerment to take responsibility and control of your life
  • Increased gratitude for everything

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